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  • Fear The Walking Dead And Embrace Life Instead – A Life Coaching Perspective
    I am a big The Walking Dead (TWD) fan. In short, it is my favourite TV show. The series ticks all the boxes for me (and one of them is not just necessarily zombie culling..) as I see parallels between the show, and life as we know and live it now. Hardly a revelation but read […]
  • Why Securing A Life Coach ‘And’ A Mentor Is A Good Strategy For Professionals
    When you are considering any kind of professional help or assistance, you need to be cognisant of the fact that those with a hammer tend to think that everything is a nail. What do I mean by that? A high percentage of professionals, and an even higher percentage of pseudo professionals, really think, believe, and […]
  • Your Subconscious: Becoming Aware Of Your Personal Transformation Showstoppers
    When it comes to personal transformation, it is incredibly important that you get a sense of who it is you are right now, and who it is you are choosing or wanting to become or grow into. You need to make what I call those necessary connections in your life to move beyond (to transform) […]
  • Left To Our Own Devices – How Phoney Are Your Interpersonal Communication Skills?
    Todays world, and the people within it, are more connected than ever before. Our technology enables us to contact and communicate with others almost anytime and anywhere. The barriers to entry to use this technology are disappearing fast as most people nowadays can get access to this technology regardless of their financial position. To demonstrate this perfectly, I travelled for […]
  • What Is Cocreation And Why The Cocreator Coach?
    What is this focus on cocreation that I have, and what is it with 'The Cocreator Coach' moniker that I have chosen anyway? These are questions that I get asked regularly - so regularly in fact, i've decided to write a blog about it! The fact is that in my coaching practice, cocreation acknowledges the […]
  • Personal Life Coaching – Do You Need it?
    The very question may automatically assume some conflict of interest as a life transformation coach like myself would naturally perhaps encourage others towards the personal life coaching experience. Thankfully, and perhaps of some relief to you, I will not be promoting myself as your one stop shop or must have solution to your life challenges […]
  • The Price Of Problems – You Pay For What You Value In Life
    It is not hard to see what people value in their lives. Generally speaking, what you spend your money on determines what you think is important. In simple speak, follow the money trail and all will be revealed. But what is value, and how is it valued? And what is a problem, and what determines the dollar […]
  • How To Get Rid Of Negative Self Talk In Your Life
    Most people are familiar with, and indeed practice, negative self talk. It can be defined and exercised in any number of ways. In simple terms, it can be defined as using negative or self defeating language when referring to oneself, either in company, or when alone. Unlike positive thinking (my view on positive thinking is […]
  • How Do You Find Help In A World Of Jargon Filled Helping Professions?
    Where do you go looking for help or guidance in your life? Who would you go to see to get that help or guidance? Why do you, or why would you, choose to go to see them to help or guide you? Its questions like these that can stop people in their tracks, or simply get them to delay or totally avoid making […]
  • Belief Traps – Believing In What You Believe Can Limit You
    In the coaching world, identifying and understanding your beliefs, is one of the key foundational principles and focus areas for personal change and awareness. Our beliefs shape our world. They define who we are - importantly, they also define who we are not. They tell us what is supposedly or actually real - or unreal or unbelievable. They tell […]