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"In being coached by Craig, the outcomes have been very impactful in terms of shifting my perspectives and establishing a greater sense of clarity and confidence in taking new action steps. I was so appreciative of the opportunity to dive into some 15 minute Laser Coaching sessions with Craig, as it created new insights for focused action.

This was followed-up later in the week with a 1-hour session that emerged as a space to really dive deep to dredge out limiting beliefs that had the potential to obstruct the flow of the new steps.
I had been completely stuck and overwhelmed with a mountain of thoughts that delayed me from moving forward in my life.

Craig’s coaching presence, strong empathy, and deep listening skills, provided a safe space to contain and explore these. In fact when the ‘shift’ took place for me, I was completely taken aback because the perspectives shifted even before my mind could register or relate to this newness.
Metaphorically speaking, the switch was flipped in a split second and what flooded through my senses was a profound sense of relief. One hour later, after our coaching session, this relief converted into a tremendous excitement on taking on a challenge which had previously been overwhelming.
When we did our 1 hour session together I took a deep dive into aspects of self that might sabotage the new direction that I wished to move in. How to deal with inner archetypes of a ‘perfectionist’ slave-driver co-existing with a  fearful inner child that had a destabilizing effect on my ability to make nurturing decisions was a major concern for me.

Craig really surprised me when he invited me to consider extending my values of living in gratitude and appreciation to these 2 elements – as I had always fought, resisted and battled with these archetypes almost all of my life, labelling them as ‘saboteurs’. To consider ‘making friends’ with what I perceived as sabotaging elements, created an experience of so much release, gratitude and forgiveness.

Throughout all of this, Craig’s presence was one of total support and compassion. You can just hear it in his voice. The outcome was a sense of deep peace. I feel that decision making from this moment on will be now be guided by an increased sense of self-support that is nurturing.
Thank you Craig – you are a treasure. You have many gifts to offer to the people who will come into your coaching presence and be awakened to new possibilities."

Lu Yen Ng

Photo on 2012-10-29 Lu Yen

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