Coaching In Small Communities – Understanding The Opportunities

One of the big advantages of being coached in a small community is the opportunity to move beyond your current way/s of thinking and the way/s you see your world.

This of course doesn't intimate that there is anything wrong with the way you might currently think or live, but it can provide a powerful sounding board to help you to identify any blind spots or areas perhaps that you may not be seeing or even be aware of.

Whilst these comments can be applied to anyone anywhere in the world - they are often magnified in these close knit communities.

There are so many benefits and attractions to living in a small community. Life is generally quieter, people are usually friendlier, and everyone knows everyone.....

There isn't too much that happens that isn't noticed....let alone commented on and judged. It is this kind of environment that can stymy and stifle some people as they get pulled into a community mindset that might be holding them back from expressing who they truly are, and just as importantly, who they are wanting to become.

Even seeking help, support or guidance can be challenging for some people as everyone knows everyone else. Sometimes it is all too hard, so many people withdraw or simply put their concerns, fears and aspirations on hold. Or as often is the case, dismiss them and put them into the too hard basket - never to uncover or explore what could be truly life changing realisations.

If you are faced with such a situation or life quandary, then one option is to explore these things with a person or professional that is outside of or independent of your community.

Life coaching is a powerful and totally supportive way to explore your potential and to help you more closely align to your true self. It is confidential and non judgemental. In simple speak it is an empowering process that puts you at the front and centre of your life.

"See what my clients say about their experiences with coaching right here."

Coaching sees you as the expert in your own life. It doesn't ask how smart a person is - it asks how is this person smart.

A competent and professional coach will provide a warm, friendly, safe and trusting space for you, and invite you to step up and start moving towards the life and conditions you truly want to live.13-11-2016-3-25-51-pm

It is such a potentially life changing opportunity for those truly committed to wanting to live their life on their terms - not retreat or withdraw into themselves and away from their dreams and aspirations.

Regardless of where you live in the world, no matter how small or large your community is, don't give up on yourself or what you want out of life based on others judgements (real or imagined) about what your life should be.

One key concept and major cornerstone of coaching is that it is not a profession or approach that gives advice to anyone. It values and acknowledges the person you already are. It sees you as complete and functioning.

Coaching creates a listening space that some people have never ever experienced in their life. Coaches listen....really listen. There is power in listening. There is healing in listening.

Would you like to learn more about what I do as a Life Transformation Coach? Are you ready to invest in you?

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