Giving Information VS Living Transformation – A Life Coach Perspective

The value and the strength of transformational coaching is the intention to help people come to their own understandings in their own time. This runs counter to many other helping professions and services where advice, information and telling/guiding people what to do is the norm.

As a coach I am looking for a client to make their own connection/s and come to their own understandings because I know its a powerful way to initiate real change in a persons life. Giving advice and direction has a high failure rate when applied to people who simply don't buy in to that change or direction. For example how many times have we all heard and offered advice to others only to see them (and ourselves) totally ignore or avoid that advice?

People need to buy in to their own transformational their own time when they are ready to do so. They need to feel aligned, passionate, and purposeful about any change they are hoping to initiate in their lives. They need to see the value, they need to feel and take ownership of the path they choose to take. Telling people what to do and throwing information at them is often a fruitless exercise because it is coming from someone else and is outside of their own experience and understanding.

Make no mistake though, there are times when advice and information is warranted and can be of immense value to the client. However as a coach, I need to know and identify the difference between those core/important times in a session when giving or providing advice would be counterproductive and unhelpful in a transformative or transformational sense. In other words I need to know when it adds value and when it impedes that powerful process that helps people to get clear on what they want and why they want it.

For example, I will let a client know when the coaching session is over and may offer and/or ask permission for some coaching hat off time. This is my way of introducing advice or other ideas that I sense, believe or feel will add value to the client without impacting or impeding the integrity of the session. This honours what coaching is, and also honours the value add and the acknowledgement and understanding that advice absolutely has its place in helping people and adding value to their lives.

It is important to know what you are doing and to let your client know that. It lets them know that you have different gears and approaches, and it acknowledges their journey and the importance of/for them in coming to their own understandings. It demonstrates respect for what coaching is and it respects the client - and as fellow cocreators I like that working (I call it playing) approach.

As a Life Transformation Coach I sense when those times for transformation and genuine energy/consciousness shifts are or may be happening for the client. Advice at these times can be counter productive and can or may undo or impede the transformational change or learning process for the client. There are times when information can be shared. It is incredibly important to know the difference between sharing and giving information and enabling and allowing transformational change to naturally find its own level.


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