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On some level in our lives we all seek some form of life change. For many of us the change we often initiate is what I call external change - change that is outside of ourselves. This change is often enjoyable and a release for us as we seek to alleviate or address what we might feel on a deeper level perhaps to be some kind of imbalance. Inner change seeks to initiate change from the inside out. This is where life transformation coaching focuses its primary attention. For those of us who seek genuine, authentic and long lasting life change, it is this coaching approach that offers considerable advantages as it addresses the whole person before a course of action is considered.


Why is this important? It is because the clearer you can get about who it is you are and what it is you really want, the sooner you can align to your true value base and your life purpose. Its no secret that a lot of people are living lives that they didn't consciously choose to live. They were born, they were given instructions, and they followed them. The instructions are often along the lines of; This is what you need to do to have a successful life. Clearly that is a simplistic explanation, however the point here is that so many of us do not truly think and feel for ourselves. We don't do this because we have not been taught how to do it, nor encouraged to do it.

From the day we are born our well meaning family and associates want the best for us. This is often demonstrated and experienced with a never ending supply of well meaning advice about how we should think, feel and live our lives. Think about that for a moment.....think about the consequences and the ramifications about advice and how it can take someone away from their life purpose and aspirations. Think of how many people have never truly experienced who they really are, and have never seriously thought about addressing that based on their acceptance that life is just the way it is.

The key to life transformation is to understand that if things are not working in your life you need to do some inner work - throwing any amount of things or experiences at the problem here will at best merely mask what is a deeper concern or issue. This approach takes courage and it acknowledges that your life does matter and it is valuable. It accepts that to really change something, you need to understand why it is happening and to then set out to move beyond (transform) it and the understanding or conditions that are holding you back. A life transformation coach would define these things as sticking points, as barriers or blocks, and as blind spots in your life. These things centre around your beliefs about life and the values that underpin these opinions.

Naturally life transformation is something that can be done without a coach. However the benefit of having someone by your side and working with you, is that you can move through this process with an accountability partner who is your support and sounding board. A coach can help you get to where it is you need to go (and that place is you first if you hadn't guessed) in a way that is in true alignment to your real values and the things that are important to you. In other words you start getting to know someone who is really worth your time and effort in getting to know. That person is you.

What is the pay off with this though? What does all this getting to know you amount to? Ever met someone with so much passion, energy and enthusiasm for life who amazed you with how much they loved their life and what they are doing in it? Chances are that this person/s are on purpose in their life and doing what they really want to do. There is no conflict or inner turmoil. There is no despondency. There is no resistance or indifference - they are truly engaged and present in their own lives. It is these people who are generally living (not existing) their lives and know exactly what it is they want out of life.

How much is that experience of yourself and your life worth to you? That is the gift of starting that journey towards you and your own life transformation journey. There are no magic pills or quick fixes here. There are however real opportunities to move from whoever or wherever you are right now, into a new world of possibilities and potential - if you choose to move towards that. So when you think of needing to change something in your life, remember that its the inner change work, that focus on getting to know who it is you really are, that will potentially bring you so much closer to the person you truly are and want to become. Transformational coaching enables this life change possibility in a way that truly supports you and acknowledges your journey towards you.





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