The Lifestyle Risk In The Pursuit Of Security

One thing I continue to learn and experience as a person and as a coach, is that there is no getting away from, or escaping from, the level of consciousness that flows through you. No matter how hard you might try, your level of success (however you define success) is primarily dependent on your ability to calibrate your intentions with your behaviours. To complete that picture, the driving energy behind this process is your level of consciousness/awareness. Lets take a closer look at what I see as the dichotomy experienced in the pursuit of attaining security and living a lifestyle.

Society tells us that security is important. A simple explanation of this is that we are encouraged to work long and hard to work towards a time when we have enough security to then live a comfortable lifestyle. Sounds simple enough. And really, for so many of us, it is sound advice...isn't it?

Perhaps for some of us it is. As a life coach, and as someone who is interested in understanding consciousness and the machinations of life, I am interested in what is behind the need to chase this security. For example what drives this? What is the energy behind it? Is it fear driven? If it is, is that a good or bad thing...or neither?

I am of course looking at it within the confines of a blog article. My intention here is to merely get you thinking about what security and lifestyle mean to you. Do you have a balance between the two as you live your life and endeavour to create a lifestyle....or do you focus entirely on the end game of attaining the necessary amount of security by putting lifestyle in the I will live that later once I have the security basket?

There is a danger in chasing security on a number of levels. For example how much is enough? Is your enough impacted by the other factors that complicate this equation or dilemma? For example are you obsessed or consumed (pun intended) to spend and acquire stuff and things as you move through your life? Do you make the connection that these things can take you further away from the security you are perhaps aspiring towards?

Has a consumer driven society based around a capitalist model of growth and consumption at all costs created a major hurdle towards getting enough security? If you are spending lots of money on stuff then aren't you moving further away from the security you need by spending the very dollars that will give you this security when you retire?

The other danger, as I see it in chasing security, is that it can create a consciousness of lack. In other words it becomes a deficiency motivation exercise based around the fear of not having enough. The trouble with that approach on an energy/consciousness level is that is what you end up getting and experiencing - you get locked in a never enough mindset.

For example a person who operated from this position may never have enough because that is what they believe and that is how they live and act out their life. Their experience before and after attaining security is one of never having enough.

So how might you navigate your way through this? One approach might involve getting clear about what is important to you and ensuring you find meaning and security in your life by living it right now. How might you do that? It is about being mindful about what you do have - in other words acknowledging the security you already have.

What does that do or prove some might say? In simple terms it flips the switch on the consciousness of fear, of lack, and never having enough, to one of a trust and appreciation that life is secure as it is in the now.

If you look at the first sentence of this article you may get an appreciation of what I am alluding to here. Metaphorically speaking, your consciousness is the fuel/driving force/the energy behind all you do. Get that right and your vehicle (you/your being, and your experience of the world) runs smoother and more efficiently.

Yes we live in a complex world with so many mixed messages and so many ways to live life. Just make sure you are living your life and that you are not just existing and reacting to life around you within a series of constructs and ideas that are projected upon you by others. Live with awareness. Start making those necessary connections I often refer to and speak about in your life.

Life transformation comes from experiencing new levels of understanding and awareness. Start looking for and understanding what might be really driving you in your life in your pursuit towards your own ideas and definitions around security.

Life coaching with me can help you become clearer on what is really important to you. To contact me, simply go to the contact me form on the home page.

*Craig Hedge is an Accredited life coach based in Hobart Tasmania.






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