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I promote a selected number of proven courses throughout my websites. I do this as an affiliate for these programs to help with the running costs of my websites. I also do it because they often have very strong synergies to my business and particular website niche area/s. Below are some of the programs I promote, and the reasons why I promote them. This will help you further understand not only why I promote them, but why they might be valuable for you.

Amazing is without question the best value course that I could find (and I have spent a lot of time and money looking, studying and researching over the years) to promote on my websites period. As a coach, I wanted to provide a program I knew would add real value and perspective to people looking to promote their business, or to build a business and to obtain the necessary skills to do just that. The people behind this course are very successful business people.12-11-2016-7-32-07-pm The people they choose to join their membership as instructors are proven in their field of expertise. The value here is considerable. To add further weight to the Amazing Team programs, several years ago I paid AUS$4,000 to get access to one of their courses. All of these courses combined are now just US$39 for access to all of them for a month - with the first month FREE. Topic areas include the major social media platforms; Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Linkedin, and many more. There are also business, ecommerce, retail arbitrage, ebay, Amazon, real estate investing, entrepreneur and self publishing courses that offer incredible value. And there are personal development programs as well.  The Amazing Course offers the best value I could find anywhere on the internet. It gets my highest recommendation and is strongly recommended.


SocialADR is a great social media promotion platform to use. Its simple. Its effective. Its safe. Primarily automated once set up, it helps your links get distributed throughout the internet by other human users. Its a great way to get your links out there safely and naturally. This was recently demonstrated by the independent SEO Intelligence Agency who tested Social ADR and gave it the thumbs up.  social-adr-aI have used this platform for a number of years now with demonstrated results. Having used other services and programs (I will not mention...) that have run foul of Google and have not worked, I know through experience these days that if its not safe I will not use it. This offers both a paid and a FREE service.  This is one of the programs I recommend to my web coaching clients who have blogs or pages they want to promote.  SocialADR delivers great value to those of us that want more presence on the internet and more visibility with our content. Highly recommended.



Doggie Dan Online Dog Trainer is the best online dog training course available in my opinion. I promote it because it has strong synergies and relevance to my pet sitting and house sitting business Craigs Housesitting. Doggy DanI care for a lot of dogs, and some of them would certainly benefit enormously from it! Importantly, the people behind this program are professional and proven. Dog Training CourseBased in, and created in New Zealand, the team are close enough to my location to be relevant to my primary Australian audience. It is a very good course. Note that there are FREE videos that come with it. I like people to get great value regardless of whether they choose to buy a program or not. This program is another I highly recommend.

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