3 Advantages Of Online Life Coaching

Online Life Coaching
Online Life Coaching

One of the great advantages of the online world is the global access you get to people and resources. The internet has changed our lives forever and opened up so many new and wonderful possibilities for us all in how we work and communicate. Many businesses now have integrated their business with the online economy, and so many more have been created as a direct result of it. It really is an exciting time to be alive as all of these options open up to us - and us to them.  You can now enlist the services of anyone in the world to do a job for you. No better example perhaps than that of working with people and specifically the opportunity to get online life coaching from anywhere or anyone around the world.

That said, it is still a relatively alien concept for many of us to look for help or guidance from someone for example who may live in another country and culture. By opening up to the possibility of working with others in other places, we in turn open ourselves and our minds to the growth opportunities that come with and through this. The fact is that online life coaching is proliferating as more and more people understand that this mode of coaching has indeed got its own inherent comparative advantages to the traditional face to face model.

Lets look at 3 key advantages with online coaching:
  • 1. It is convenient - Its ironic that people can live on opposite sides of the world but still find it much easier to meet for a life coaching session than if they were planning to see each other in the same locality. Busy people who may not have the time to organise a session after work or even during their work day can arrange it for after dinner when they are more relaxed and truly present and motivated to get to work on themselves with a coach. The session can start and finish with you sitting in your armchair or at your computer in the comfort of your own home. There is not only convenience in that, but a real life affirmation of personal choice and power as well.
  • 2. It can promote an open experience to personal exploration - What do I mean when I say this? Its a fact that many people are cautious and indeed guarded when they enlist the help of a local professional. This is common in smaller towns or cities where everyone knows everybody else. Many people don't seek help from many professionals due to their own issues about their privacy or their personal conditions. Even something as life affirming as coaching is something that many people want to keep private - the online coaching relationship is a great medium to do this. People who are reserved, shy or uncomfortable working in person one on one, can get far more out of the online coaching experience as they are much more comfortable in personal exploration from a distance.
  • 3. Much more choice - Once you decide to seek out any type of services online you automatically increase your opportunities in regards to choice. There are thousands of coaches around the world and multitudes of online life coaching options. This means that you can take the time to research and find the right person or fit for you. Many coaches offer a free consultation, so it gives you a fantastic opportunity to shop around to get the right fit for you. An important point further to that is to shortlist the coaches you think might work better with you.
I would check the following:
  • Check they have a website and get a feel for their approach, their model of practice and their values.
  • Do they have qualifications? Coaching qualifications don't necessarily equate to a good coach - however it is an indicator. Remember some qualifications are obtained in a day.
  • What is your general feel about them?
  • Testimonials can give a good insight into a coach.
  • What is their life experience? Are they a people person?
  • What is their expertise or niche?
  • What price are their services? Sometimes you do get what you pay for - so beware really cheap operators.
  • Do they have a blog or write articles/? Thats a great way to gauge their attitude, their values and their working approach.
  • Remember their are coaches, there are mentors, there are counselors and therapists - what are your needs and who are you seeking? Make sure you know that.

*Craig Hedge is a Professional Coach and Lifestyle Mentor based in Hobart (nipaluna), Tasmania, Australia.
He is author of the Instinctive Living transformational self help ebook and audiobook series available on Amazon.



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