4 Fundamental Reasons Why A Personal Life Coach Is An Investment In You

Life Coaching An Investment?

This article will provide some powerful reasons perhaps why you shouldn't overlook what could be the best investment you ever make in your life. The fact is that having a good personal life coach working with you is your ticket to a much more fulfilling life - a life of possibilities. Many people are now starting to make the connection that good coaching equals performance that results in more appreciation and awareness of the options that they have in their life.

I brand myself as a Life Transformation Coach - in other words, I help people transform their own lives. People come to me because they seek change. They have identified something within them, or something they determine as being outside of them that is causing or creating a life of (for example)  discomfort, pain or indecision. In other words they seek solutions to their current life problems or issues. These people are proactive. They either know or sense their life could be better and that something inside of them says there is more to me, and life, than what I am experiencing or believing.

Lets look at 4 areas of your life where a personal life coach would be a great investment for you:
  • 1. Life Purpose: This is often overlooked in a society that is focused on getting people to fill positions or holes and to fit in to what it demands and expects of them. How many people do you know who willingly, or unwillingly, fit into a role given to them or placed upon them because that is the way life has turned out for them? Let me tell you, the majority of people working in their jobs don't like their job. A 2012 Forbes research study demonstrated this and stated that over 80% are not happy in their jobs - many of those people unfortnately will always be that way because they don't see a way out. This is a situation that a life coach could improve not only dramatically, but transformationally. A coach helps you get clear about what your values are and what you are genuinely interested or passionate about. There are a lot of sleeping giants out there - perhaps you are one? Awaken to your possibilities!
  • 2. Self Esteem: Often people get stuck in life - in fact we all do. Some unfortunately get stuck forever. They see no value in themselves. They accept second best or worst because they don't have a feeling of self worth or self belief - their self esteem is so low they have no inclination to challenge that. These people are not broken, in fact they are being a functional part of society in helping it tick along. But if their function has caused a close down in their life, if its in some way keeping them from their dreams or a better life, then its a functional role that on a personal level is dysfunctional. A life coach can work with you and help you to get connected with who it is you really are and who it is you can become.
  • 3. Relationships: The quality of your life is determined by a number of key factors, and is often demonstrated by the company you keep, your friends, associates and of course the quality of your family relationships. You might be experiencing some challenging circumstances with a partner, a family member, a work colleague or a long time friend. Your beliefs about that/those situations may be holding you back from the most important relationship you will ever have - the one with yourself.  The better you are the better your relationships are. The more aware you are, the better your ability to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with others. When you open yourself up to coaching and self exploration, you set out upon a very important process and journey in further understanding, and getting to know yourself. As you grow so too do your relationships. Some grow closer, some grow apart. As a result you start opening up possibilities in your life as your life transformation helps you understand and control your life.
  • 4. Spirituality: This encapsulates components of the first 3, however its much more than that. Spirituality means many things to many people. As a life transformation coach, spirituality is a big component to that model and approach. Remember though that life coaching isn't about advocating a way of life or thinking or telling a client how to think, feel or believe - or more precisely, that isn't the way I work with people. Your connection to yourself will inevitably strengthen as you start that journey of inner exploration and dialogue with a coach. A coach provides the guidance, the support and those important life questions that will get you starting to think further about who you are, what you are doing, and whether or not that is something that affirms who it is you are or are becoming. You may come to the realisation that the most important relationship you will have is with yourself. When you do, you will find out that as a result of that, your life purpose, self esteem and your relationships start making much more sense to you as you can see how you have created your life to this point. In other words you have opened a gateway to you. You have enabled that part of you to assert itself and to grow. And that is when your personal life coach perhaps transforms from the coach to you. What a wonderful gift that is to give to yourself!




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