Personal Life Coaching – Do You Need it?

Personal Life Coaching

The very question may automatically assume some conflict of interest, as a life transformation coach like myself, might naturally perhaps, encourage others towards the personal life coaching experience. Thankfully, and perhaps of some relief to you, I will not be promoting myself exclusively as your one stop shop, or must have solution to your life challenges and aspirations.

What I do want to do though, is guide you towards a better understanding of why you may want to consider being coached, or more to the point, how you might benefit from it. There is so much information available these days - but information in and of itself is just that.

Sometimes the best option is to get direct guidance to ensure you are on the right path and getting the results and outcomes in the best possible time. Many people, particularly busy people, don't have, or make the time to research information. Often they have a problem or challenge they want to find a solution for - and they want to do it quickly.

As mentioned earlier, information is just that - information. Its not that valuable unless it is applied in a way where you can understand it, and then benefit from that understanding and application.  From there you acquire knowledge and awareness.

So much depends on the aspirations and values of the person looking to acquire this information. A coach assumes that people are their own best resource - that they themselves have the knowledge and the skills within themselves, to come to their own realisations and conclusions.

But what happens if a person who starts this journey is unable to see their own sticking points, their own blind spots, their own shortcomings by doing this solo? Its an interesting question.

sbicon6There is no doubt that personal transformation and seeking knowledge is incredibly valuable - but what if that person needs to go beyond what they might be comfortably exploring or developing of their own intent and volition? And what if they don't know what that is? In coach speak, that is commonly referred to as a blind spot - these can cause a lot of problems for a person, and repeat patterns of behaviour. The sad and painful thing about that? They will keep on doing it until they become aware of them...if they ever do.

There is also no doubt or question that acquiring knowledge and awareness is important. But will that ensure that a person seeking real answers, or solutions to their challenges or problems, gets to where they need to go to see real and lasting change?

Theres an old adage that says that you don't know what you don't know. This is where a life coach can be very valuable indeed. Personal life coaching can take you beyond your own current limitations and expectations into new territory for growth, and inner exploration.

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The real value becomes clearer when you realise that your coach is merely helping you come to your own realisations - but in a way perhaps you could never have reached with a solely individual focus to inner discovery.

To have someone there in your corner, prompting you, questioning you, and supporting you to further explore your world view, and ideas about life, can be a catalyst for exponential growth and life transformation.

So do you need to be coached? That my friends is a choice only you can only decide for yourself - and a good coach wouldn't have it any other way. To find out more, or to book a session with me, simply go to the contact me drop down menu at the top of the page. I am currently living in Hobart Tasmania.

*Craig Hedge is an accredited and credentialed coach based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He is also the author of the Instinctive Living self development book series available on Amazon.



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