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"Thank you very much for the wonderful coaching sessions. I really appreciate your coaching and want to acknowledge that we worked very well together.
I had twelve sessions, but it seemed much more because of the intensity of the coaching and the outcomes produced at the end of each session. I remember we started with issues like assertiveness, and it moved on to finding my true life purpose. Craig you are a great coach.

I experienced a space where I could freely express myself and reflect on many other areas like my relationships with my family members, my true calling, and the freedom to express, know, and be, who I am.

The listening you provided as a Coach was very powerful and it set me to think on my own and get my perspectives clear in life. Your acknowledgement provided a safe space of trust.

I got a lot of value like the importance of honoring my word and others’ time, and being accountable in the coach/client relationship. I understood the power of presence, and this brought a powerful transformation in me which I acknowledge for myself. I became aware of the shifts as my awareness levels increased.

I aligned to my true life purpose and there were lots of improvements in my relationships with my family as I started seeing the shifts in their lives as well.
Thank you very, very much for the opportunity to be your coachee. I would certainly recommend you as a Coach who is committed to produce the results and the transformation in his client’s life."

Jaahnavi Katti


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