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"Thankyou for your patience with me and for the opportunity to work with you with my business issues. Asking me to be accountable and reassuring me about the confidentiality of our coaching sessions gave me real confidence and clarification in our coaching together.
I wasn’t afraid to express my problems, thoughts, and my professional needs. Your digging with powerful questions gave me the opportunity to search more in myself and clarify one area after another.

The most helpful for me was when you reframed what I had said. Hearing back everything lead me to identifying where I was and if I wanted to be there.
You helped me see my strengths and to believe in my ability to deal with my big plan of creating a successful company in business consulting.
I felt more confident in creating new ideas, supporting my clients, getting paid for my services, and adding more value to my business.

Before your coaching some of these things were terrifying to me.
I was also able to acknowledge myself for my capabilities, values, energy and efforts.

This gave me more confidence and helped me to express who I really am.
Your intuition, your powerful listening and presence, and your passion for action, helped me move to the next steps in my life.
Thank you again for being my coach for our 6 sessions together. Everyone of them was the next step towards my success."

Giota Aleksiou



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