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"Within a mere six weeks I spent working with Craig I made truly life-changing discoveries. I came to him asking for help reprioritizing some things in my life after having children.

Craig challenged some of the assumptions I held about my priorities and helped me discover that in my rush to do things I often neglect to actually enjoy them. This discovery initiated a lasting positive shift for me. I am now learning to be more present in the moment.

As a result of this I am able to enjoy every aspect of my life much more. It’s also easier for me to prioritize things now as I am no longer in a rush to do everything.

By listening carefully and bringing my attention to things that I said and how I said them, Craig helped me increase my level of self-awareness and empowered me to recognize opportunities to make my life better.

Craig is a great supporter; while helping me explore ways to improve my life, he always pointed out where I was already successful and helped me to recognize and appreciate my strengths.

I would recommend Craig to anyone who is looking to transform their life and who wants to enjoy the process of doing it as well!"

Vera Fishman

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