Work Life Balance And The Life Transformation Connection To Achieving It

Work life balance, although a relatively new concept, is fast becoming a very misunderstood cliche in a world that has a very clear value set and agenda.  What is it? And how would you know you have attained it, or are even moving closer towards experiencing it? Who determines what it is?  Clearly this is not a one size fits all approach - and its definitely not some quick fix towards living a balanced life. Lets look at this a little closer as we make that all important life transformation connection...

So what exactly is this balance between work and life we talk about? It is what you determine it to be. You define it. Of course it is not that simple because your definition of it is dependent on the structures you live in and around. Independent of your values and aspirations, these are structures that you must work in and around. The majority of people working in the world work for a business, corporation, or part of a government agency or department. So the values and expectations of those businesses often superimpose yours.

Now before you throw your arms in the air and say it is all too hard or impossible to make them see things your way, it might be valuable to work out exactly what you mean by your way and whether you are fully cognisant or aware of what that really means or is.  In other words you need to know what it is you value and what it is you want to achieve by moving towards this life and work balance you may be aspiring towards.

Importantly, you can only control what you can control. You may have a work place that does not value or even recognise these things. If you do then you always have choices - always. For example, what can you do in your life away from or outside of work that moves you closer towards this balance? You might surprise yourself by the alternatives. These may include changing your sleep patterns, taking more interest in your health and body, taking up additional study, taking up a new or old hobby, focusing more on those things and people that are important for and to you.

The key here is to take action in your life to move towards the life you truly want to live and experience. Many workplaces offer some form of recognition to this work life balance - many are starting to make the connection to the benefits for all and the obvious win/win outcomes that can be achieved for all concerned.

So where does life transformation come into this equation? The more you connect to those things that resonate with you, those things that inspire you, the more you will start connecting to you more. One of the major reasons this life work balance has come into vogue in recent times is the fact that many workers don't have this balance. Many don't know what it is or how to get it. Why? Because they are so far removed from themselves after disconnecting from the important things in life for them, that they become numb and forget the human being aspect of themselves as they live their life as a human doing.

When we look back then on who or what determines what this balance in life is, we can see the incredible importance of being aligned to those things in life that give us this balance. Once you become clear, or at least clearer about what a healthy work life balance means for you, you can then move out into the workplace and the world and start consciously living your life in ways that support and demonstrate this.

When you know what is important to you - and by this I mean knowing your values, your aspirations and the way you want to live your life, you have a clearer way to move forward in your life with awareness. You gain more clarity. Your message is clearer. Your intentions are clearer. From this position you can start changing your life on your terms within the structures you find yourself living and working within. From there you create opportunities to transform your life on so many levels.

Work life balance is your responsibility. The more you make a conscious decision to connect to who it is you are, the better the chance you have of living the life you want to live. This conscious living approach is life transformation in action as you align yourself to the life you want and choose to live - not necessarily the life you fell into, or the one that you were sold or told to live.

Life coaching is a powerful and effective way for you to get clearer about what a work life balance means for you. To book a coaching session with me, or to find out more information, please contact me via the contact form located on the drop down menu on the home page.



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