Your Narrative: How Your Story Can Liberate and Limit You

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We all have our own narrative. It is, at least in a basic sense, our primary storyline (with its variations depending at times on our circumstances and levels of awareness) and an explanation about who we are, why we are, and how we got to this point in our lives.

Our story can liberate us and it can limit us - so much depends on our attachment to the reality that is our story. Time, memory, awareness (particularly a lack of it) and experience can see changes in the detail as life opens up...or doesn't.

When we add prejudice, assumption, bias, excuses, and a host of other reasons and emotions for our personal narrative, it is not hard to see how some of us have carefully crafted and constructed our story to suit our view and our personal circumstances.

Whilst it might sound quite manipulated and contrived, the fact is that a lot of this storyline is done on auto pilot. Our beliefs and values (working tirelessly in the background thanks to our all powerful subconscious mind) about life, ourselves and others, have been the building blocks of our narrative.

You see our story is just that - its our story. Its a story in a world full of stories. It doesn't mean that there is not truth, or there are not threads of truth in it, it just means that it is an interpretation of events and a reconstruction that changes with awareness. It can also not change with awareness as it becomes a handy guide to me and why I am this way as we navigate our way through our lives.

And this is why your narrative can liberate or limit you. Buddha once said that; "Sometime, somewhere you take something to be the truth. When the truth arrives in person and knocks at your door you will refuse to open it." The key is to not be too attached to your story or the assumptions, beliefs and memories you cling on to in the hope or the attempt to explain where you are at...or not at in your life.

That other old adage about never letting the facts get in the way of a good story is another way to look at this.

A few questions to entertain perhaps;

  • Is your life story clouding or blocking your perspective/s on or about life?
  • Are your beliefs inhibiting you or holding you back from the person you could be?
  • Do you take historical events and set them in stone to suit your story or situation?
  • If your life story is (for example) a tough or sad one, do you use it to serve you and your growth moving forward in your life, or do you allow it to control and inhibit you?
  • Do you really believe your story anyway?
  • And...could enlisting the help of a good coach help you make those necessary connections and progress in your life to move towards the life you want to live?

This is not so much about getting your story factually or historically accurate. It is about you becoming/being aware of it. Being or becoming consciously aware of your narrative ensures you start/continue to live with more awareness - and in turn you create more possibilities in your life.

There is power and integrity in that process.  Remember that an aligned authentic personal transformation will always trump a short cut to an ego based knee jerk reaction in your life to try to quickly change something -  That is, the need for fast results is often a futile ego based pursuit that fails.

Life Transformation Coaching is a powerful way to become more aware of your personal narrative. Coaching with me can help you to start uncovering those blind spots, those belief traps, and the limitations you put on yourself for being too attached to your story/s. Simply go to the contact me menu at the top of the page to book a session.



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