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Are You Ready To Make A Life Changing Move?

It might seem like a simple question, or even a throw away line... but are you really ready? Are you ready to move beyond where it is you are now, to a place that is more in alignment, and agreement, to who it is you are aspiring to be - and where you want to be?

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It takes courage to want to change your life and conditions... and follow through. Many of us hope, dream, imagine, and pray, that things will change - they often don't. It takes effort. It takes focus. It takes commitment. It also takes strategy.

Unfortunately, many of us just don't take our lives, and the people around us, seriously enough to want to improve.

My Coaching Approach

The result? Life is left on auto pilot, and explained away as fate, as we live our lives reacting to everything that happens to us.

Coaching with me helps you make the important connection that you are indeed a creator - YOU create your life!

Whilst I am a person, and a coach, who believes in the power of possibilities, I am also strongly focused on evidence based approaches, backed up by demonstrated results and actions. Possibilities can move closer towards probabilities, when we start to make connections and start to create our world with intention and awareness.

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I like to play and explore, but make no mistake, our time together is about building on your strengths, and what is in evidence. My pragmatic approach allows for, and is open to, opportunity and possibility, but to be clear here, I am focused on you getting real results.

Many people I work with are genuinely passionate and driven about improving already successful and happy lives. They either love their lives and want to continue to grow and create possibilities, or they are wanting to work towards finding new ways to create a more balanced lifestyle. Some might be experiencing a challenge, or a limitation, that they want to further explore and understand, and eventually manage and move beyond.

They may work for themselves, for others, be in the private or public sector -  they may even be retired professionals seeking new direction and inspiration. They might just be in-between jobs, and or face some challenges.

The people I choose to work with might just need some further guidance and reflection on their lives and where they are at... or not at perhaps. They may be starting to struggle a little, and may have lost that certain passion, inspiration, or drive, that at one time saw them thrive.

They may be stuck or consumed or driven by things that don't help or serve them or their families. It just might be that they have lost that special connection with, and to, themselves - a connection that once helped them live happy, productive and meaningful lives.

My services (coach | mentor) support a wide range of people with very different needs and expectations. Something many people do not understand, is that life coaching, and working with me, is not a one size fits all approach - I don't use cookie cutter approaches when it comes to working with and for people.

Coaching, for me, is about being in the moment - this isn't a regurgitated, prepared, or contrived experience. Every session is different, and the tools and approaches I use, are certainly not premeditated.

Every person is different. Each session is different. Many of my clients use my services as a support system and a sounding board for their lives. Some seek a blend of both coaching and mentoring. Some simply require a trusted confidant when they need it.

My Qualifications And Training

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach - an accredited and credentialed coach. Accredited means I have completed the hundreds of hours of training (my studies were completed in an advanced coaching course) required in a coaching school recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Further to that training, I also sought further acknowledgement and confirmation of those skills by becoming credentialed with the ICF in 2013. This ICF credential was 'valid' for a period of 3 years, and further recognised, and clearly demonstrated, the coaching abilities I acquired in my advanced coach training. I did not need to do it, however at the time, I chose to further prove up my coaching skill set to back up my qualifications.

These days I am deliberately and definitively aligned to no governing body or membership model for coaches - I am proudly independent!

"I also ensured that I had LIFETIME ACCESS to my training academy and my advanced coaching program studies. My professional and personal development is always ongoing."

As a bit of background to those studies, nearly 20 years prior to that, I completed an Associate Diploma in Social Science (Community Services). This course first introduced me to many of the concepts and the skills that have strong synergies to my life coaching practice.

I have also spent well over the last 30 years building a strong interest in self development and spiritual philosophies - areas that certainly have shaped and enhanced my life coaching approach. Importantly, my learning continues independent of structured study.

I am also the author of the self development and transformational book series 'Instinctive Living' available on Amazon. You can view my books right here.

My experience and my genuine passion and ability to relate to people, gives me an appreciation and understanding, of many of the challenges many people face. It also enables me/us to see the potential, and spot the opportunities as well.

I work with people to help them achieve real results - that is, results that mean something to them. I add value to others' lives, helping them to help themselves towards their own aspirations towards personal transformation and meaning - that is, what is meaningful and important to, and for, them.

"Importantly, life coaching with me is for everyone. It is a great way to connect/reconnect to what is important for you."

I use my expertise and experience as a coach to help you reconnect to what is really important to you. Are you ready to start that journey towards getting to know you better and getting aligned to who you truly are and what you really want to create in your world?

Just one question, or one insight, could literally change your perception, and your awareness - forever. Often just one insight can change everything.

How much is that worth to you do you think? It could change the outcome or quality of a relationship, it might enable you to find new ways to approach your career, your work life balance, your lifestyle, your employees, or any other area that is important to you.

I can guide you towards these realisations in a friendly, confidential, professional, and truly engaged and present way. I genuinely care about people, and in this profession that is incredibly important.

I create a safe place and environment that encourages and enables you to step up to new levels of responsibility and awareness in your life - if you choose.

Does This Sound Familiar?
  • You are wondering how you can leverage your existing skills and experience into the next phase of your lifestyle.
  • You are at times overwhelmed by the demands and responsibilities - you feel something is missing.
  • You want to reconnect to your dreams, your passions and those things that inspire you - you want to feel alive again.
  • You somehow feel stuck or held back from what you want to experience - but you are not sure what it is.
  • You want to experience that sense of joy and happiness you once experienced....or perhaps never have.
  • You feel like your busy lifestyle is holding you back from something....or someone.
  • You want to start experiencing more freedom and control.
  • You feel like your work-life is taking away time from being the best person, co-worker, friend,  partner or parent you can be.
  • You feel disconnected from who it is you are, or want to be, and feel that you are going nowhere.
  • You feel like you need to have a more meaningful lifestyle...but don't know how to find it.
  • You might be single. You might want to pursue a relationship, but feel so overwhelmed, that you cannot bring yourself to do anything about it.
  • You might want to revive or revitalise your relationship and reconnect to your partner in more meaningful ways.
  • You feel things are good but something ...or someone ... is getting in your way.
  • You think there is more to experience, but don't know what it is or how to begin to understand what it is.
  • You have hit a wall and you are unsure of what to do next.
  • You are questioning what life is about and where you fit into it.
  • You are outwardly successful in so many ways yet you identify that some areas may need further development or exploration.
  • You are on top of the world and you want to stay there!
  • You are a person who is experiencing a lifestyle transition It may be that you are retiring, seeking a new job or career, or that you need to get clear on where you are headed in your life.
  • You see the value in working with an experienced and accredited coach who will be your guide, confidant, accountability partner, and your sounding board in your quest towards a more meaningful life for you. You understand the importance and value of trusted and confidential support systems, and how they can help you live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
Your Keys To Success!
  • Highly motivated – You desire real change, and you are willing to work together and co-create a path and understanding that brings you closer to you.
  • You are ready to embrace change – You know that you are ready to grow, to learn, and to further develop yourself and your awareness of self.
  • Commited to finding your own path – You may, or may not know your way or direction  – however you are open to self exploration and trusting the process of self discovery.
  • Open-minded – You are open to discovering new approaches, and new goals that you haven’t thought of before.
  • You are willing to suspend your disbelief – To move ahead, sometimes you have to reach out and embrace ideas or concepts unfamiliar to you to move beyond or transcend your current situation.
  • You know life is not static – That change is inevitable - that you have the capacity and ability to create and shape your world.
  • Importantly, your key to success is to open up, to have fun, and to do it knowing you are fully supported in a highly confidential space that is all about you!

To find out more about how I can help you, simply go to the contact me page and send me an email, or connect, message, and learn more about me via the social media links below:

*Craig W. Hedge is an accredited and credentialed life coach based in Hobart (nipaluna) Tasmania, Australia. He is the author of the 'Instinctive Living' self development book series available on Amazon


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