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Time For An Accountability Check For Craig Hedge Life Coaching

I post a lot of content (on my wider channels) about the health events of the last 2.5 years.

A LOT of content that challenges and contradicts the mainstream narrative.

What has made this somewhat challenging is the fact that I am posting in direct contrast to accepted and agreed and enforced truth and normalised understandings.

It's always much easier in life - short term perhaps - to stay safe in the comfort that most people are in agreement - or bondage - with us in our comfortable understandings.

It's an entirely different situation and dynamic to challenge that normalised 99% agreement.

To challenge the 99%, or to at least disagree with it, requires a few ingredients.

It requires an ability to step outside of a given narrative or truth.

It requires an alternative view and information and evidence to support it.

It requires a level of confidence in the ability to stand by what you say or write and be accountable for it however and wherever it goes.

Looking back over my posts, the content I have shared and my personal opinions about the last 2.5 years have held up very well.

I say this only as a reminder that 99% agreement or conformity doesn't make a situation right and it doesn't make it correct.

There is a lesson there.

In coaching speak I often refer to the value of creating your own view and further developing your edge in life - and coaching certainly provides the opportunity to develop an edge.

My edge is my ability to step outside of narratives - and back inside them I might add - as I determine my own truth.

I don't care about aligning myself to a given or coerced or enforced truth - I like to make up my own mind in my own time.

My life is more important than risking it to agreement or falling into line without assessing and questioning what I am doing and why I am doing it.

This approach to life enables me to be open to seeing and doing things - some things - that provide me with insights and early mover advantages where others perhaps refuse - or couldn't be bothered - to see them.

That said, it's often not easy... but it can be rewarding.

To those who play life safe, it often appears to be risky, and it at times appears to look downright ridiculous or unrealistic to others.

I get that.

That is the risk I take.

And what seems a ridiculous risk to some is often nowhere near that risk based on good old fashioned time taken in assessing and understanding the issue or task at hand.

We have a choice in life to either deliberately and strategically create our own lives or follow others in paving the way ahead for us.

Sometimes the biggest risk in life is to be passive, to follow, and to trust a situation on the direction or advice given by others.

Life has clearly demonstrated that when I back my own judgement I get clear results from that, and as a result, I take ownership of those results however they may end up.

This ownership builds character and resilience and trust in yourself.

I ask anyone who visits my page to go back through my earlier content to see how my opinion and comments hold up over time.

That is one of the reasons I make my posts and thoughts and writings public.

It's a way to hold myself to account, to take risks, and to stand by whatever results - whatever direction - comes from that.

The benefits are many for me in doing this.

I am a big believer - knowing is more accurate - in conscious decision making and assessing risks associated with that.

My life now is so finely tuned to my results that I know whatever happens to me in life is my doing... on some level.

I take responsibility for my circumstances and learn from them.

And when I don't do that?

I generally know I don't... and that reminds me of my own limitations and need to step up to another level and more understanding to go to the next level.

I don't always get it right of course - nobody generally does - but a higher level of accountability and responsibility is a very good foundation - in my opinion - to work and play from in life.


I was asked yesterday about what coaching actually is.

It's always a question where the answer depends on the audience or the person asking it.

Generally speaking, I state that it is a relationship that requires presence, engagement, passion and inspiration to achieve results.

I never hard sell coaching - it's not something in my opinion that can be a hard sell.

Life Coaching can appear to be intangible, unmeasurable, and esoteric.

A person has to buy in to coaching - before - they buy coaching.

My best clients are motivated and inspired to improve their lives.

It's that simple.