Why It Is Good To Ask Questions And To Get Curious About Your Life

'Why It Is Good To Ask Questions And Get Curious About Your Life'

Life is complex for most of us.
Slick adages and slogans providing advice can only go so far.
They often amount to nothing.
It because someone else wrote them...
The key, in my opinion, is not to shun anything that makes sense to you, or to buy someone elses view about what life is supposed to be for you.
You need to define what makes sense in your life and to understand your life... instead of going with whatever is being peddled to you.
In my own case (if you are going to post about this stuff it's good practice to add personal perspective here) it is so important to know who you are and/or who you are choosing or aspiring to become.
I like the simple life.
I have always been my most happiest doing simple things like fishing and gardening and pottering around in nature.
That is evidence for me.
So I know, on a base level at least, the things that inspire me, and give meaning to my life.
That said, life often demands or invites us to go beyond those things.
For me, educating myself and learning is a key part of my life strategy.
I am curious enough to dig and delve in places most wouldn't.
I like to look upon this approach as evidence of creating my edge or advantage in my life.
I know life changes. If I don't change, I lose whatever edge or advantage I might have in navigating and negotiating my way through life.
Add my contrarian nature, and my ability to look for other ways and other views, and my edge develops further.
This keeps me sharp. It keeps me current. It keeps me alive.
Money (resources) is important. Health is important. Life is important.
My behaviours - that is, how I go about my life - reflect that importance in relationship with my values around freedom and lifestyle.
I made the connection a long time ago that work - working for other people - was empty and meaningless.
What was important for me was what that could buy me.
Work was always an outcome focused activity with a use by date to empower and enable myself to live life... not to be enslaved by it.
After the necessary needs - and wants - the 'work' I did for others equated to buying my time back.
I knew I had a finite amount of time on the planet, so I made the connection that since I wasn't immortal in a physical sense, I better look after what I have and ensure I use it well and use it as much as I could on my terms.
The gold watch, the backslaps, the legacy, etc has never been my deal.
Attention and acknowledgement has its place of course.
It always seemed hollow and short lived, and there was always somebody else to answer to in order to get it.
Slavery is one thing, a heirarchy of slavery was something else!
How did I get to my own individual approach to life?
I did it by being curious.
Not accepting Normal.
Asking myself what was possible.
Seeking my own approval first and foremost.
Setting goals based on my values.
Trusting in life and myself... even when it wasn't logical to do so.
Knowing the power was with me... even when I wasn't aware of what that power might look like or develop into.
What didn't resonate was Normal - so much about normality just didn't, and doesn't, make sense to me.
Not that it is wrong of course, it's more about what is right for me.
What is important here is what you think and how you choose to live your life.
It's up to you - it always has been.
One day, like all of us, you will not be here.
(take a trip to a cemetery for a reality check).
We get one shot at this beautiful life - at least on this round - so the more choices you make, the more curious you get, the more you step up to 'you' the more you engage with life.
And coaching?
Perhaps a golden ticket to either starting that journey, or to continue with more awareness and appreciation into that journey.
Life is always your call... even when it appears that it isn't.