Coaching = A 360 Degree Multi-Dimensional View Of Life = EDGE

Coaching = A 360 Degree Multi-Dimensional View Of Life = EDGE
The challenge, and dare I say the limitation of living in a functional (or dysfunctional...) 3 dimensional 5 sensory only world, is the fact that it limits your ability to go beyond a physical world mindset and the rules inherent within it.
I realise that first sentence may confuse some people.
My point here is that - for me - life is much, much more than a 3D 5 sensory experience explained away and historically documented by very limited compromised human beings with an agenda.
I believe in possibility.
I know I don't know.
I also know that there is so much in the world/s I live within, and around, that to close myself off from - anything - would inhibit and restrict my ability to be able to experience anything just outside of my limited world view and experience.
That is why coaching can be so valuable.
Coaching entertains possibilities.
It asks and entertains questions.
Coaching is curious.
Coaching can open up new worlds for people that they never knew existed for them.
Life on Earth - for me - has a very high probability of being an experience to benefit and develop other aspects of ourselves.
We can conveniently call it a soul or spirit or god or religion or whatever moniker rocks our socks.
For me, Earth is a high density physical reality training ground for the development of soul/consciousness.
The disclaimer/caveat to that is that I could be wrong, don't claim to be right... but nevertheless have come to this consclusion through a lifetime of being curious.
Does that mean I am a fundamentalist?
Personally speaking I don't sign up for, or really 'know' anything really.
I believe in the high probability of possibilities in areas that have different measures and properties than the world we live in.
Science, for example, enables us to measure the physical world within the understandings of science.
Trust, faith, and belief have their place and can be very good tools in realities that may be on the fringe of that knowing.
In a nutshell, I am a pragmatist, and to be blunt, I just don't care too much for either fundamental science or fundamental religious or spiritual approaches if they limit peoples expression to attempt to go beyond those things.
Although I do value and respect many approaches, and respect others' belief systems - nothing is sacred to me if it's all said and done.
Men (sorry ladies you didn't get much say in history... in fact come to think of it you didn't really get any say at all) created the world and the religions, and that for me tells me all I need to know about how sacred they are.
I don't buy into them because as I often say, show me a fear based system and I will show you a crack in that system.
What has this got to do with coaching?
It's important to know your coach is not pushing a fundamental approach - either knowingly or unknowingly.
You don't want a coach too blinded or consumed by their own view of the world.
It's also important to know that coaching is about creating possibilities.
It's hard to create possibilities in a world with rigid fundamental laws.
If you have a coach that believes in possibilities - in potential worlds of possibilities - then that opens up quite a few possibilities for you.
Ultimately the client determines their experience, and to have a coach opening many doors means the possibilities might just be a little more than might have been expected...
Coaching is about discovery... and the more you are willing to discover and adventure, the more you open yourself up to your own possibilities.
Just make sure your coach can lift the anchor and sets the sails!