Coaching Jealousy and Envy

Another area of life that can have debilitating effects and impacts on a person is jealousy. It can destroy people, families, and careers. It is clearly a lose/lose situation. Jealousy can also be one of the catalysts for enormous personal and financial loss as whole lives and families crumble and disintegrate because of it.

As a coach I know the power of coaching in identifying and further exploring and unearthing jealousy and envy. These are key issues and problems that can hold someone back from experiencing their best expression of themselves, and the ability to live a healthy life.

Once we become aware of our behaviours, and the consequences... and potential consequences of them, it can motivate and inspire us to find better ways to deal with what is essentially our stuff.

Life coaching is not advocated or promoted as an insurance policy or a healthy initiative to promote healthy functional people - it certainly could be I might add!

What is the quality of your life worth to you? Perhaps even more importantly, what is the quality of life and the continuity of a happy functioning family or work life worth?

I am guessing it may be worth much more than you realise... jealousy and envy helps nobody.

This audio is part of the Talking Transformation series where I help you to make those necessary connections in your life, so you can live the best life you choose to live.

I encourage you to step up and get a FREE no obligation session with me to sample life transformation coaching with me.

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*Craig W. Hedge is an professional life coach based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He is also the author of the Instinctive Living self development book series available on Amazon.

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