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The Cocreator Coach Client Testimonials

I started my weekly coaching sessions with Craig at the beginning of May 2013. For me, a great coach is open minded (rather than just goal oriented), intuitive and supports you on a journey of personal, professional and spiritual growth and development. During the time that we worked together, I underwent a number of really significant life changes. I split up with a long term partner, was renovating and then selling a house, applied for my ‘dream job’, and moved cities – all within the space of four months!
Craig listened deeply throughout every session offering insightful questions that gave me a lot of ‘ah ha’ moments. They weren’t always ‘good’ ah ha moments, for instance, one was when I realised that in one of my key relationships I wasn’t really making any effort, and didn’t know if I really wanted to. But nonetheless Craig created a very safe space that helped me to feel comfortable to connect with my true feelings and let down my perfectionist guard. This enabled us to work on a very deep level in multiple domains of life, from which came quite rapid changes both internally, and in the world around me. All the while I felt supported and genuinely listened to. This was particularly so during moments of self doubt, when Craig referred back to previous conversations that we’d had and reminded me of my gifts, skills and experiences that could help me work through the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours, and various challenges and life changes I was facing.
While in the past I would not have been able to deal with so much change at the one time, our coaching sessions not only helped me stay on track and keep sight of the bigger picture, they also helped me to reconnect with parts of myself that I hadn’t expressed for years, and helped me overcome limiting thoughts and behavioural patterns. I was able to enhance the key relationship that I realised was important in my life, and keep things very civil with my ex as we separated our lives. Standing up for my own needs in this process really empowered me. I was able to maintain much healthier boundaries with my relatives, and basically got my bounce back. What more could you want really? I wish I’d started coaching years ago, and even though sometimes I try to make excuses and tell myself I don’t have anything I want to work on this week, or i’m too busy etc, I always feel like an empowered creator of my life after our sessions. As I jokingly mentioned to Craig during one of our sessions, “I feel like I know myself again and I’m pretty awesome!”

- Jess Boyden

“Working with Craig was a fantastic experience. His blend of experience and intuition mixed with his ability to get to the core issues was really instrumental in helping me move forward. I always left our sessions with a renewed sense of clarity and optimism, knowing exactly what I needed to do to get the results I wanted. Craig is a great advocate and thinking partner and our time together was of great value to me. I would, without hesitation, work with Craig again and recommend others do the same.”

- Derek Hayes

Craig is an awesome coach. I’ve been working with Craig for one year, more than forty sessions, and this is an experience I will always remember. Throughout the year, every session was fresh, thought provoking and enlightening. This process proved to be extremely useful for me and made me grow a lot, as a person, a professional and as a coach. I started my journey with Craig focusing on my professional life, to get better results and to take the most of an unexpected career change. His support helped me to move outside of my comfort zone, to think out of the box, and to get the results that I had been aspiring towards for a long time.  Craig’s ability to create a trustful and safe place, where you feel completely free to explore what you really want and your true and best self is unique. His ability to listen to what is said, and what is not said, as well as making you feel at ease and never judged makes the real difference.  The way he reflected back to me what I did say was enlightening and really helped me to see real opportunities and solutions in my life, most of which I hadn’t thought of before. The process helped things to become crystal clear for me as I started getting used to a world of possibilities. It was amazing.  The unexpected career change was turned into an extremely interesting and fulfilling opportunity. In the meantime, Craig supported me during my process to become a coach, proving to be a great partner to grow also in this important area of my life. Being coached by Craig made me increase my understanding of myself. I found the whole process extremely empowering, fully aligned with me, my values, and my goals. Craig genuinely cares about his clients and has a deep understanding of life. He has a great sense of humour, he is positive, full of energy and has a fantastic sense of timing. He knows exactly when to wait and when to push for you to take action, and he does that in a supportive manner. He acknowledges your actions and steps in alignment with where you want to be and encourages you to move forward. This experience supported me in reaching much higher levels of performance in my workplace and as a coach. I really value the time I’ve worked with Craig, for the whole experience, for the person he is, and for the positive results in my life that I was able to achieve with him. Thanks Craig!”

- Cristina Morpurgo

"Craig immediately impressed me with his coaching presence and how he made me feel extremely comfortable within the coaching space. He brought phenomenal energy and presence to these sessions. Due to Craig’s support, I was able to step up my game and promote my brand in ways I could have never imagined before our coaching sessions.  I had never pushed myself to make such gutsy requests from people I really did not know, and thanks to my new found confidence, I got everything I could have imagined out of the opportunity.  I found my professional voice and showed myself to be a viable business person to people who are far more advanced in their careers than I am at this point.  Craig helped me find facets of the person I am that I had not cultivated in my entire life.  He really showed great interest in my development as it became a co-creation between coach and client.  I am now moving forward on multiple aspects of my coaching practice with the confidence of someone who KNOWS they can do anything they put their mind to.  If you feel a coach could do the same for you in your life, Craig is for you, because he is a peak performing coach!”

- Jason Gamba

“Craig has a keen sense of intuition and I especially appreciate his ability to challenge without being pushy or insensitive. He was always present with a humble confidence and a genuine desire to support me in being the best I can be. I initially came to Craig seeking support in deepening my relationships. Over the course of two months, we explored in-depth areas such a self-expression, self-confidence, values and beliefs. My sessions with Craig have reshaped my presence with others and myself in a way that will always be with me. This was not a ‘surface approach’ but rather a deep inner transformation that has positively influenced the way I experience life. It’s been a truly wonderful and enlightening experience working with Craig.”

- Michelle Caruso

“Thank you very much for the wonderful coaching sessions. I really appreciate your coaching and want to acknowledge that we worked very well together.
I had twelve sessions, but it seemed much more because of the intensity of the coaching and the outcomes produced at the end of each session. I remember we started with issues like assertiveness, and it moved on to finding my true life purpose. Craig you are a great coach. I experienced a space where I could freely express myself and reflect on many other areas like my relationships with my family members, my true calling, and the freedom to express, know, and be, who I am. The listening you provided as a Coach was very powerful and it set me to think on my own and get my perspectives clear in life. Your acknowledgement provided a safe space of trust. I got a lot of value like the importance of honoring my word and others' time, and being accountable in the coach/client relationship. I understood the power of presence, and this brought a powerful transformation in me which I acknowledge for myself. I became aware of the shifts as my awareness levels increased. I aligned to my true life purpose and there were lots of improvements in my relationships with my family as I started seeing the shifts in their lives as well.
Thank you very, very much for the opportunity to be your coachee. I would certainly recommend you as a Coach who is committed to produce the results and the transformation in his client's life.”

- Jaahnavi Katti

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Craig in the last 2 months, and I found our sessions very energizing and insightful.
Craig is a very passionate, committed and lively coach. In the very first session he made sure I was comfortable and felt safe. It was easy to build trust with Craig since he is very sincere and genuine about his clients needs and this was evident in all of our interactions. I could easily relate to him and we’ve developed a great relationship over the last few weeks.
In this short period of time he has helped me identify my strengths as coach, brand myself for my new Business venture and identify various skills that would further help me be a better coach. I was always left with a feeling of accomplishment after our sessions, as he tends to inspire his client to be better which is what ultimately helped me achieve my goal. I feel fortunate to be coached by Craig and wish him all the best!”

- Roydin Fernandes

“In being coached by Craig, the outcomes have been very impactful in terms of shifting my perspectives and establishing a greater sense of clarity and confidence in taking new action steps. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to dive into some 15 minute Laser Coaching sessions with Craig, as it created new insights for focused action. This was followed-up later in the week with a 1-hour session that emerged as a space to really dive deep to dredge out limiting beliefs that had the potential to obstruct the flow of the new steps.
I had been completely stuck and overwhelmed with a mountain of thoughts that delayed me from moving forward in my life. Craig's coaching presence, strong empathy, and deep listening skills, provided a safe space to contain and explore these. In fact when the 'shift' took place for me, I was completely taken aback because the perspectives shifted even before my mind could register or relate to this newness.
Metaphorically speaking, the switch was flipped in a split second and what flooded through my senses was a profound sense of relief. One hour later, after our coaching session, this relief converted into a tremendous excitement on taking on a challenge which had previously been overwhelming.
When we did our 1 hour session together I took a deep dive into aspects of self that might sabotage the new direction that I wished to move in. How to deal with inner archetypes of a 'perfectionist' slave-driver co-existing with a  fearful inner child that had a destabilizing effect on my ability to make nurturing decisions was a major concern for me. Craig really surprised me when he invited me to consider extending my values of living in gratitude and appreciation to these 2 elements - as I had always fought, resisted and battled with these archetypes almost all of my life, labelling them as 'saboteurs'. To consider 'making friends' with what I perceived as sabotaging elements, created an experience of so much release, gratitude and forgiveness.  Throughout all of this, Craig's presence was one of total support and compassion. You can just hear it in his voice. The outcome was a sense of deep peace. I feel that decision making from this moment on will be now be guided by an increased sense of self-support that is nurturing.
Thank you Craig - you are a treasure. You have many gifts to offer to the people who will come into your coaching presence and be awakened to new possibilities.”

- Lu Yen Ng

“Within a mere six weeks I spent working with Craig I made truly life-changing discoveries. I came to him asking for help reprioritizing some things in my life after having children. Craig challenged some of the assumptions I held about my priorities and helped me discover that in my rush to do things I often neglect to actually enjoy them. This discovery initiated a lasting positive shift for me. I am now learning to be more present in the moment. As a result of this I am able to enjoy every aspect of my life much more. It’s also easier for me to prioritize things now as I am no longer in a rush to do everything. By listening carefully and bringing my attention to things that I said and how I said them, Craig helped me increase my level of self-awareness and empowered me to recognize opportunities to make my life better. Craig is a great supporter; while helping me explore ways to improve my life, he always pointed out where I was already successful and helped me to recognize and appreciate my strengths. I would recommend Craig to anyone who is looking to transform their life and who wants to enjoy the process of doing it as well!”

- Vera Fishman

“Thankyou for your patience with me and for the opportunity to work with you with my business issues. Asking me to be accountable and reassuring me about the confidentiality of our coaching sessions gave me real confidence and clarification in our coaching together.
I wasn't afraid to express my problems, thoughts, and my professional needs. Your digging with powerful questions gave me the opportunity to search more in myself and clarify one area after another. The most helpful for me was when you reframed what I had said. Hearing back everything lead me to identifying where I was and if I wanted to be there.
You helped me see my strengths and to believe in my ability to deal with my big plan of creating a successful company in business consulting.
I felt more confident in creating new ideas, supporting my clients, getting paid for my services, and adding more value to my business. Before your coaching some of these things were terrifying to me.
I was also able to acknowledge myself for my capabilities, values, energy and efforts. This gave me more confidence and helped me to express who I really am.
Your intuition, your powerful listening and presence, and your passion for action, helped me move to the next steps in my life.
Thank you again for being my coach for our 6 sessions together. Everyone of them was the next step towards my success.”

- Giota Aleksiou

“Craig is full of energy and has great passion for what he does. He has a unique ability of creating a safe space where genuine exploration takes place. His enthusiasm and optimism is infectious and I can say that I got infected while working with Craig on my training goals. I saw possibilities and opportunities open up as I explored this with him.
Having Craig as an accountability partner helped me to stay committed to the action plan that I set in order to achieve my goals. His constant acknowledgment of every little effort that I made kept me motivated even in challenging situations. Thank you so much Craig.”

- Sumbo Ndi

"Recently Craig and I spent some time over a week discussing ways that I could improve my on-line presence to get better results from the website for my editing business, 'Inaword', and also to sell my novel, The Sea Pool. I was very pleased to be have access to a coach who offered to spend time and energy advising me from the basics. I found Craig very patient, responsive, informative and skilled. He listened to what I needed. I am very much a beginner in online business marketing. Having the whole week was excellent, as it takes time to absorb new things and to make the necessary connections. Craig's step-by-step instructions were invaluable in helping me get my online presence up and running. Unfortunately I was sick for some of the week, but Craig wrote detailed instructions for me to be going on with, which I really appreciate. Craig has offered to continue checking in with me, and I'm very pleased to be able to continue this valuable working relationship."

- Sharon Moore

“I sought coaching with Craig Hedge to help me to improve my relationship with a loved one. Over the 8 coaching sessions, he walked along with me with an amazing presence, empathy and energy. He was able to mirror all the very best of who I am, and guide me from the place of doubt and despair to a place of confidence, compassion and gratitude. I was able to see that how I show up in a relationship with another is how the other will show up with me.  I can’t ask for what I can’t give. This powerful shift had a great positive impact on my relationship and I can’t thank Craig enough for his support and commitment to see it through.”

- Bolor Choijamts Lorinet

“My experience with Craig has been great. Over our eight sessions together his positivity, thought provoking questions and powerful feedback have helped me clarify many of my personal goals. They have also given me the space to gain a greater awareness of myself. He genuinely cares about your journey and you feel it in each session. Thanks Craig!”

- Calvin Huang

"Craig is a fantastic coach and really cares deeply about making a difference in the lives of everyone he meets. He truly is a master and you will get so much clarity and movement in your life”

- Laurie Holmes


Jason Gamba - (Full Testimonial)
"Craig and I began our Coaching relationship on 20 May, 2013.  He immediately impressed me with his coaching presence and how he made feel extremely comfortable within the coaching space.  We have since had 13 sessions and our weekly sessions are ongoing.

As we began our sessions, I was looking for ways to promote my coaching practice, when an extraordinary opportunity presented itself.  I was going to an event run by a well-known fitness guru/motivational speaker.  My plan was to sit down and interview this person to post on my website.  I had not conducted such an interview in my life.

This was going to be a great challenge. We started working on the interview process.  As he noticed my trepidation about getting this done, Craig asked me if I thought role-playing the interview would be beneficial.  This, to me, was an incredibly creative and innovative method to prepare for the interview.  I sent Craig some background information on my subject to give him an idea of how to play the role.  He took it and we ran with it.

We would exchange roles as interviewer and subject until I got it down.  He brought phenomenal energy and presence to these sessions.  It was as if I was speaking to the subject.  The original preparation for this interview consisted of a very academic, bullet point list of questions I wanted to ask.  As we practiced, it evolved.

Due to Craig’s questions, I understood the interview would take the form of a coaching session.  There was no need to stress about the questions.  We pared the outline down to an introduction, a closing and 3 or 4 points I felt were important to cover.  I would let the subject steer the discussion and respond with appropriate powerful questions when the subject matter presented the opportunity to ask such questions.

Having honed the process, my next challenge was to figure out how to request this discussion.  We decided it would be a discussion, rather than an interview.  At this point, we realized the possibility of expanding the discussion to include the original subject’s partner in creating the workout program and a man who is the star of a one million hit viral YouTube video that launched the success of the program.  Here were more challenges.

Craig instantly saw the value in pushing this discussion to its highest possible level.  He helped me realize how this event could catapult my coaching practice.  We came to the conclusion that I could do individual interviews with each person, or (the ultimate) we could have a round table discussion with the 4 of us.

We had the acceptable results and the best possible results identified, but now I had to approach 3 people to request their participation.  Then fate stepped in.  The original subject has a practice of calling random people who buy his program.  One of these people was a friend I had referred.  My name came up in the conversation and the subject asked for my number and called me at home!

We had a brief conversation and thanks to the increase in confidence I had gained during my sessions with Craig, I found the courage to ask him if he would commit to the interview at the event.  He said we would get it done!  I would not have grabbed the opportunity before our sessions.  After that, I was able to find the email address of the original subject’s partner.  I emailed him and he agreed to work with me.

Another thing I would not have done before being coached by Craig.  The next lucky thing that happened to me was, the star of the viral video sat next to me at dinner at the event.  We spoke, and I once again seized the opportunity to request his participation in the discussion.  He signed on as well.  Mind you, some of this may have to do with luck, but I believe you make your own luck and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.  Having the ultimate possibility of the round table set up, I conducted the discussion, and it went pretty much the same way our role-plays had gone.  I had gotten stories from the viral video star that had not been part of any of his videos that have been released to the public!

Due to Craig’s support, I was able to step up my game and promote my brand in ways I could have never imagined before our coaching sessions.  I had never pushed myself to make such gutsy requests from people I really did not know, and thanks to my new found confidence, I got everything I could have imagined out of the opportunity.  I found my professional voice and showed myself to be a viable business person to people who are far more advanced in their careers than I am at this point.  I also received a number of compliments from people who were watching our discussion on how calmly and professionally I conducted the discussion.

Craig helped me find facets of the person I am that I had not cultivated in my entire life.  He really showed great interest in my development as it became a co-creation between coach and client.  I am now moving forward on multiple aspects of my coaching practice with the confidence of someone who KNOWS they can do anything they put their mind to.  If you feel a coach could do the same for you in your life, Craig is for you, because he is a peak performing coach!” - Jason Gamba

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