Developing A Life Philosophy And Why It Matters

Developing A Life Philosophy And Why It Matters
Let's start with some keywords and values in my life philosophy:
Personal responsibility
Trusting in life
Self improvement
Life time learning
Growth mindset
I often write about and around the above keywords and values.
These are qualities and approaches I value and find valuable.
I am big on aligning to my values and to who it is I am becoming, further developing that, and growing it out further.
Because the more I am in sync with myself and what brings me joy and happiness, the more I live a better life.
I see little value in following others... see 'The Pied Piper' story to understand why I don't.
(and have a review of the last 3 years to get a more recent example of why I don't follow crowds...).
Most of us don't think enough about our lives - on a deeper level -or on a level that is independent of the opinion or persuasion of others, or a level that challenges group thought or the status quo.
Most of us get dragged into group think and behaviour.
"Everyone else does it so..."
It's good when things are good.
When things are not so good though?
It's complacent and dangerous.
I believe that every person should develop an 'edge' or a point of difference (preferably a few) that separates them from 'the crowd' or provides them with the capacity to endure and prevail and prosper in ALL conditions - not just the good times.
Following a crowd - or the crowd - will only take you so far... and it's often in a direction you may not want to go... that's when many of us lose ourselves as we passively tag along for the ride.
It requires much less energy... at least initially it does...
There is a price to pay for that ride, and many of us readily pay that price and make the best of it.
Some of us enjoy to be driven around of course.
I like to be the driver in my life... it's just far too important to leave to others who don't care as much about it as I do.
That is why it is important that I know where I stand in life, to know what I value, and what I am prepared to do to ensure I experience my life on my terms.
I like to think for myself (who would have thought thinking for yourself was a valuable thing to do...?) and that often means that I just don't see life the way others see life - hence the contrarian tag.
To be clear, 'contrarian' is a strategy and a gear and an approach for me.
I like to have a few gears in life so I can change direction - and my opinions - if need be.
Being able or willing to entertain 'other' ideas or approaches outside of group or crowd think means stepping in to your own experience... and having the default position as a back-up.
I have found over the years that when you do this, you have no other way than to go your way... and your way is often where others are not going... or are prepared to go.
So there is an inner confidence and inner strength that everything - life - will work out for me.
It's an art as much as a science.
It's intentional and deliberate as much as it is spontaneous and intuitive.
The above may suggest, to some, that I may be an anarchist or that I am anti-establishment.
That is not the case.
It's more about understanding that our structures are often compromised, broken, corrupted and manipulated by incompetent people who don't care enough to ensure to do what is best for everyone - not just themselves.
So importantly, my philosophy is about self as much as it is about the greater good.
Both are important in my life.
If ever there was a time to further develop a personal philosophy and start shifting towards it - it is now.
'The crowd' - or 'crowd think' is not the place to be right now.
It's a trend that is crumbling downwards.
The system for the average person will drag them down
Crowd think now in my opinion has more risk and danger attached to it - based on my values and what I know to be important.
Our structures are failing.
We either go down with the ship or we find another boat!
In an ideal world we would all think and live the same and we would have systems and structures that always operate in the interests of the people.
We don't live in that world.
End of story.
I have always believed that doing the average is what keeps the average down.
Society right now is rewarding average - or below average - I don't think that is a trend to be riding into the future with the crowd.
Do you?
Life coaching is certainly a contributing factor towards finding your edge and further developing your life philosophy.
More awareness is more power.
More power is more choice.
More choice is a better life.