Executive Coaching

Having spent over 10 years working for the Department of Treasury and Finance in Hobart Tasmania as a compliance professional, I have been fortunate to have worked one on one with, and for, hundreds of Hobart business people and their staff. This has provided me with a sound base to work from as an Executive Coach in helping people improve their businesses, their working relationships, and most importantly, their lives outside of the working environment.

Many professionals work long and hard, and often experience high levels of stress. Expectation and responsibility is often high. Some are so focused on their job and their business, that the rest of their life suffers as a result of that focus. Some are so convinced by their position or point of view, that they fail to listen to the people around them.

Some struggle with workplace communication, delegation, and culture. Others are high level performers who know they are at, or near, the top of their game - they simply want to keep improving and to tap into new areas and higher levels of awareness.

Every person, business and situation is different.

What do I do? I help professionals see the bigger picture - at work and at play.

Everything in life is connected. More awareness is more power and perspective.

My brief podcast below is perhaps a different take or perspective on what is all too often called executive coaching.

Executive coach is perhaps the most common, or at least the most visible label a coach might use. It's how many coaches choose to brand themselves. This is hardly surprising, as the target group are professionals who often work in corporate environments with a higher than average income. Many of these coaches also target corporations for group coaching.

There is also a certain status associated to branding yourself as an executive coach that a lot of coaches aspire to.

My brief podcast below touches on my thoughts on executive coaching. Unlike some professionals, i'm a little luke warm on the label, as I believe the label does not always represent the coaches ability, or their expertise. I also think that the values and assumptions here, can narrow the field when it comes to finding the right coach.

Regardless of the label, or the niche your coach chooses to identify with, the right processes are what is important in coaching.

Acquiring the services of a competent professional, with the necessary training and experience, should always be the primary focus for anyone seeking real movement and progress in their life. Executive coaching regardless of how it may be defined, is a powerful way to bring more meaning into your life and your work.

The key is to find the right coach, and the right fit for you, to help you move forward in your life in meaningful and measurable ways.

If you are a professional, take the time to look beyond the branding, and look a bit deeper at the coach you are choosing to work with you.

Life doesn't exist in a vacuum. Everything is connected in our lives. Our lives are much, much more than our job descriptions.

*Craig W. Hedge is accredited and credentialed, and is also the author of the self development book series 'Instinctive Living' available on Amazon.