My House Sitting Testimonials

House Sitting Testimonials:

[testimonial2 author="Craig and Karen, Montrose Tasmania" + pic=""]

"Wow, what a great house sitter. Craig house and pet sat for my husband & I while we were away for four months from 17th June to 30th Sept 2017. He came to stay a few days before we left to see what was required in looking after the needs of our two dogs and the daily running of the house etc. This put us at ease to begin with.

Craig went above and beyond expectations, whilst away, we received weekly updates and if there were any problems Craig would call us.  Craig had cleaned up after the dogs, mowed the lawns, put the rubbish bins out and even washed and dried his linen.  We take pride in our home, and upon return it was as if we had not been away. It was spotless. I think our two dogs actually miss Craig.

We can highly recommend using Craig as a house and pet sitter. He is honest and trustworthy and very passionate in what he does. Nothing was a problem for him. We would not hesitate to use Craig again in the future and have already recommended him to our friends and family."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Ranee and Paul Oxley, Hobart, Tasmania" + pic=""]

"Reunited with my elderly Westie “Andy” after Craig looked after him for 3 weeks.
I’m sure Andy’s a bit depressed now - he had such a great time with Craig. And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Craig taught him to come and go using the doggie door.
Seriously, if you have any doubt about using Craig’s excellent service - Don’t!
He’s amazing, the dogs love him, the house and yard were in immaculate condition. Craig is an excellent communicator, giving me weekly updates on how Andy was going to put my mind at ease.
Thanks again Craig - already planning our next holiday away and will be contacting you as soon as we have decided when and where.
Ranee and Paul Oxley (and Andy)."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Janet and Brendan, Blackmans Bay Tasmania" + pic=""]

"We love going away on holidays for several weeks at a time, but we have two loves that always make it difficult, our beloved dog and our treasured garden!

We have tried other options but it never quite all came together, either the dog or the garden was out of sorts when we arrived home.

Finding Craig was a ‘gift’! We met several times prior to agreeing in the dog/housesit. First to see if the arrangement suited both parties and the second time for Craig and the dog to spend time together. This included going for a walk.

We are not the type of people that feel comfortable leaving our home and dog with just anyone, there are lots of reasons for this, and I think one is the feeling of being vulnerable on different levels. We did not feel this at all! Craig is a warm person and establishing rapport is easy!

Craig is a very down to earth person and positive person. He is thoughtful in how he lives in your home. He blends with the space very well!

Craig kept us updated on a regular basis, which was great and relieved some of the ‘wondering’

Arriving home was a treat, dog and garden was in great condition! House was ‘cleaned’ linen was “washed’, food for the dog was ‘ready and thawed’. He harvested the garden and there were fresh veggies waiting!

We would recommend Craig to anyone considering this type of dog/housesit. & in fact we already have! We will use Craig from now on, whenever it is possible.

It is like having a friend come into your home to care for it!"

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Leon and Alison, I Sea Scoops Bicheno Tasmania" + pic=""]

"Craig housesat for a 4 week period over May and June 2018 (during our holiday from our business I Sea Scoops in Bicheno). He provided a comprehensive service not only looking after our house, keeping it and leaving it immaculate he maintained our large outside area and our greenhouse as well.
Clearing large areas of leaf litter and managing small bonfires safely in the designated areas. He left our wood supply topped up and made sure all outdoor areas around the house were well maintained and tidy.

We would highly recommend Craig as an excellent house sitter. Craig is respectful, responsible and courteous. He ensures he has as much information required about the house and expectations of stay before he commences his stay and maintains a very high standard of care, relaying updates or any issues in a timely, professional manner by email or call if necessary.

Craig also assisted us on a professional level in his capacity of Life Coach and Mentor with our small business, giving sound advice which we were able to implement in a local awards application.

Craig is a kind and knowledgeable person who offers great value, bringing professionalism in the services he offers with a high degree of perspective that goes beyond simply looking after ones beloved home."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Eve and Gustavo, Bicheno Tasmania" + pic=""]

"Craig is a legend! We cannot thank him enough for taking such good care of not only our high maintenance Vizsla puppy, but also our home, our car, and our garden while we were away on holiday for 2 weeks.

Craig conducts himself with an extremely high level of professionalism, he is trust-worthy, honest and reliable.

To anyone considering using Craig’s services, we can assure you that you won’t find better. To have the peace of mind that Craig was looking after our puppy and home with the same level of care and attention as our own was priceless, in fact upon our return the vegetable garden looks even better and the car is definitely cleaner.

We cannot recommend Craig highly enough, and would not hesitate in using him again in the future."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Pat Mathers, Sandford" + pic=""]

"I have been asked to provide a reference for Craig Hedge, and it is with pleasure that I offer the following comments.
Travelling interstate for ten days, I needed a reliable person to house sit and to mind my cat and dog.

Craig came to me with good verbal references, and I was not disappointed.

Craig used all of his own food products.
Craig vacuumed, mopped floors, changed the bed, and laundered the sheets, leaving my home in excellent condition.

Whilst I was absent my dog became ill and needed to visit a vet, Craig arranged this without hesitation.

I would recommend Craig, without any reservations, to anyone wishing to utilise his services.
If you require further details please feel free to contact me."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Karoline, Josh and Bodo, Mount Stuart Tasmania" + pic=""]

"Craig went above and beyond expectations. Our dog requires a bit of extra care and has special dietary requirements. We are always nervous about leaving our pet behind when we go away on trips as he can be sensitive to new people and environments.
Craig quickly put our minds at ease, taking extra time to meet with us a few days before his stay to get to know our dog - and they bonded instantaneously, which doesn’t happen often!!
Craig really listened to what we needed while we were away, and what was most impressive was how much he wanted to understand our pet and get to know his personality first. As Craig said himself – every pet has their own personality and he really wanted to make sure he knew what was an expected trait of our dog. This was especially impressive as you just don’t get that sort of personalised care and attention from most pet-sitters.
Craig offers a truly tailored service and took the extra time to discuss our requirements for our home and our pet’s individual needs. While we were away Craig kept us up to date with things back home and was happy to respond to calls and texts if required – this was a big thing for us to know our dog is happy while we’re not home.
His cheerful updates really helped to ease our minds of any worry, and could tell that our dog was happy in his own home with Craig looking after him.
We came back from our trip to a happy and bouncy dog, and an immaculate home! We’re not sure if this is always part of the service but Craig tidied the house and even cleared part of our garden for us! This was such a lovely surprise to return home to, and above all, considerate and thoughtful touch.
I can’t recommend Craig’s house sitting/ pet minding service enough. After 10 years of stressful pet-sitting experiences I am so relieved to have found someone who can look after my dog in his own comfortable surroundings and that we can come home to a happy dog. We will be calling you again Craig!
Happy to give phone references too, we are seriously thrilled with the experience."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Genevieve Koning, Howrah Tasmania" + pic=""]

"Craig looked after my house for 2 weeks whilst I went overseas, mainly to look after my cat, but the stay had so many more benefits that I hadn't thought of.  It was a great comfort to know that she was looked after and happy. Craig sent regular updates as to how she was, including getting her food when it ran out.

I am a Thermomix consultant [contact:] and had Thermomixes due to arrive at my house for customers whilst I was away. Craig gladly offered to pick them up from the post office and transport them home for me. It was great to have peace of mind that they were safe, as this enabled me to plan deliveries whilst I was away, and hit the ground running on my return.

He lived very gently in my home, and ensured that rubbish was put out, mail collected, and many other little things that made a BIG difference coming home after holidays. Craig also washed his linen, including folding mine that I'd left hanging up.  My house was clean when I arrived home.

I would highly recommend Craig and his services to anyone going away, regardless of whether there is a pet needing caring for, or the value of knowing your home is safe. Coming home to peace and calm is priceless - and animals are likely to be much happier in their own environment rather than a kennel (which can be quite expensive). So a win win situation for all and incredibly trustworthy and respectful of my home (and I am picky!)."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Daniel, Sandy Bay Tasmania" + pic=""]

"I met Craig in early October 2016 to arrange a house/dog sit which would run from mid-October to mid to end of December 2016. There were two main problems with my situation:

1. The house will actually be pulled down early this year (2017) as it is not really suitable for long term permanent habitation.

2. My dog is a Bully-Smithfield cross from the dogs home… complete with what seems to have been a traumatic past… and still a work very much ongoing and in progress.

I made the house as habitable as possible for Craig but it was far from what might be called comfortable. And regarding the dog, I briefed Craig on ways to deal with him as best I could. Suffice to say that Craig did a 1 st class job looking after everything during my absence. I regularly got a brief but sufficient update every week (usually Friday) on how things were panning out. Although we didn’t fix up a definite return date, Craig was happy to allow my return date to be finalised towards the end of my trip… And with good willingness on both our parts we nailed the date during my last 2 weeks of my trip. I am not saying that he would be willing to do this in every situation, but he is certainly a reasonable person who one can negotiate things with in an amicable fashion.

There were a number of occasions when people needed to store things on my property… and take some things away from my property also. Each time Craig checked them out thoroughly (and a couple of times contacted me) prior to allowing them entry. He displayed a very high degree of responsibility and proved himself a person who takes his duties extremely seriously.

His rates are extremely competitive in comparison to more commercial style agencies who offer a similar service… but with Craig you are dealing directly with the same person who’ll actually be doing the house/dog sitting. I am happy for Craig to provide my contact details to you if you are seriously considering hiring him and you have anything further that you’d like to ask me."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Katie and Adam, Bellerive Tasmania." + pic=""]

"We recently returned from an 8 night holiday and were very pleased with the exceptional house and pet sitting services provided by Craig. Throughout our holiday, Craig maintained regular communication with us. He gave us frequent updates on our puppy, who is rather energetic and demanding at times!

Craig treated our house and puppy with respect and we appreciated arriving home to a clean house and garden and a happy puppy.  Our bins were emptied, floors vacuumed and bathrooms spotless.  He had even washed his linen and towels!

It is great to be able to leave your house and pets with such a trustworthy and genuine guy.  We would highly recommend his services."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Austin and Alex Jordan, Moonah, Tasmania." + pic=""]

"Our family recently took a three week holiday and were lucky enough to have Craig house sit for us. Craig met with us well before our trip, and again shortly before we left to ensure he understood what we wanted him to do, how things worked, etc.

There was excellent communication from Craig while we were away with a weekly update to let us know the house was fine and the dogs were well and happy. One of the dogs is a persistent barker and Craig managed his barking during sensitive times of day for our neighbours.

When we arrived home we were very pleased to find happy dogs, a lovely clean house, a tidy yard with a freshly mowed lawn. All rubbish was removed and linens used were laundered and dry.

We were very happy with how Craig cared for our home and our pets. We also found his fee very reasonable. I would certainly use Craig again and highly recommend him to anyone seeking a house sitter."

[testimonial2 author="Gus and Julie, Kingston, Tasmania." + pic=""]

"Craig did a first class job of looking after our house while we were away for 5 weeks in June 2016.

We were initially simply going to leave the house secured and have a family member check on it every 10 – 14 days. However we felt somewhat uneasy about this. This was a long time not to have the house up and running, and ‘lived in’.

That’s when we thought about a house sitter. Craig’s name came to us via his excellent website. A phone call led to a visit from Craig and a chance to discuss our needs.

It was on this occasion that we knew we needed to look no further. Craig’s professionalism and gregarious nature shone through. He has a keen eye for the details that you may not have considered yourself and we knew that we were in good hands.

Whilst we were away Craig agreed to contact us only if he felt he needed to. He wanted us to enjoy our holiday without a care.

On our return, tired and jet-lagged we found our home was just that; our home. A home that felt as though we had only left it earlier that day. It was clean and warm and there was the bedding hanging on the line that had been freshly washed that morning before Craig’s departure.

We can highly recommend Craig to anyone thinking of engaging with a house sitter. He provides an excellent and professional service for a very competitive fee."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Lyndon and Karen Rycroft - Pipeclay Cottage Sandford Tasmania" + pic=""]

"Karen and I had a 35 day holiday planned. One of the hardest decisions was what was the best options for our two dogs and three horses whilst we were away.

We discussed this with a few people, options like, dog kennels and agistment for the horses. We knew Craig was returning to Tasmania and was setting up a house and house / pet sitting business. It was a no brainer. The dogs would be happy at home and the horses would stay in familiar paddocks.

Craig came down a few days before we left to get to know the animals. Attention to the habits, feeding, routines and where they are allowed to be or not to be. You know how some dogs stretch the boundaries. We had enough food supplies for the dogs and horses, rations were written down so no “more please” would occur. Information provided to Craig included our vets and contacts, horse friends who could check on the horses occasionally or if Craig had a concern. We also left clear instructions with the vet so Craig did not have to make any major decisions.

Walking of the dogs in familiar territory was to be on leash till it could be seen that no other dogs were around. Then they were allowed to run free for a time. For practical purposes the horses were not rugged, if the weather turned real bad Craig could call a horsey friend to assist with rugs if needed. Feeding of hay and regular checking water troughs was done. Craig delivered us to the airport and collected us on return.

Household care included mowing the lawns, garbage, picking up dog land mines and mail collection. We came home to a clean house, the fire box filled and ready to light up, very contented dogs, and happy horses. Karen, I, the dogs and horses could not be happier with the care Craig gave. A great holiday had for all."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Frank and Rosey Barta - Bellerive Tasmania" + pic=""]

"Craig looked after our house for 4 weeks in January/February 2016 following the recommendation of a friend.  He is very engaging and we were quite sure we could trust him in our home.  Craig kept in touch with us while we were away - occasionally to ask a question but mainly to let us know that everything was OK - which was very reassuring.  We returned home to a spotless house, mowed lawn, and happy dog (Craig had obviously walked Milly [pictured] each day).  We would have no hesitation in using Craig again, and have let him know we are happy to talk to any prospective clients."

[/testimonial2] [testimonial2 author="Carol Hurst - Ranelagh Tasmania" + pic=""]

"Luckily for me Craig was available to house sit over the New Year period while I was away for 5 days.  It was great to have someone in the house who I could trust to be aware of water and power use since I am on tanks and off grid.  He kept my vegie garden alive in the driest time known in Tassie and made the house lived-in through this holiday period.  To know that I had someone in the house who could look after it while I was away, meant that I didn’t have to worry at all about it while I was away. Thanks!"