Limitation Of Fundamental Thought – This 90 Second Video Nails It!

Limitation Of Fundamental Thought - This 90 Second Video Nails It!

Throughout my life I have been challenged by people who define reality too tightly in a box.

Fundamentalists rarely step out of their boxes because they are often unable to see life any other way.

Their self worth, their concept of reality and what is, and their levels of comfortability and fear, keep them trapped within limited trains of thought... until they are given 'permission' or there is 'agreement' to see life or situations another way.

Only 'then' can they do or believe whatever the topic or situation might be.

From a very young age I remember seeing this - particularly in religion.

In latter years it became much more apparent in just about everything and everyone - including myself I might add - as I explored and continue to explore - my own limitations and thinking.

The big blind spot in society right now is in the realm of academia and 'experts'.
Once these types secure power and control over narratives it's incredibly difficult to challenge them as most people appease and respect 'experts' opinion and 'the science'.

Add layers of big tech and algorithmic access to information and you have locked in 'reality' and locked out anything else that challenges that, contradicts that, or points it out for being the flawed system it is.

They have merely taken up the definition/s of 'truth' in domains where once the religious fundamentalists reigned supreme.

The trouble when we get too smart, too well trained, and too sure of 'what is' in the world, is that we tend to bind ourselves to that reality because it defines us, it provides security, status, self worth and how others perceive us.

A big part of my ongoing development is - unlearning - as well as learning.
Both are important.

What is becoming increasingly clearer to me is the breakdown of integrity in systems.
I say this a lot because it's a clear and obvious theme in society - it's everywhere.

In religion, in science, in media, in politics, in gender, in race, etc etc.

Who controls the power and the information is the game now... more than ever.

... and most of us cannot see it, cannot sense it, and will never see it... until it's too late.

And by then?

It will be too late.