My Travel Testimonials

Workaway Volunteering In 2015/2016

Throughout 2015, I volunteered, travelled, and worked throughout the UK in England, Ireland, and in Wales. It was a wonderful, and at times challenging experience, that helped me to find new levels of resourcefulness, resilience, flexibility and adaptability in my life. After leaving my job working in Government for 10 years at the end of 2014, I decided that I needed new challenges. I wanted to find new ways of living, being, and seeing the world. Importantly, I wanted to live my life and create and develop new ideas as I moved into my fifties and beyond.

This change and shift in my life was in no small way driven and inspired by my spiritual ambitions, and my want to further develop my coaching and my writing. I wanted to live a life more present, engaged, and to feel more alive - to live life more intuitively and instinctively.

More than 7 years on now, I am still looking, living, and learning, as I continue to test and refine my ideas and trust in what life has to offer, and what I have to give.

For those who follow my posts and my journey, you know how I live and advocate the approach of trusting intuition and acting on instinct in life.

As a Life Transformation Coach and a student of (and in) life, I like to keep learning, growing and developing my understandings in life. It is this approach to my life that keeps me hungry and open to live, to learn and to love - as a life coach I practice what I preach (although Life Transformation Coaching is anything but preaching...) so to speak.

Life coaching, like life, is an ongoing process of learning and refinement. I am always looking to learn and to further develop my experience and knowledge to be the best coach I can be.

To be an expert in my life helps me to help you to become an expert in yours.

I add my Travel testimonials here to give you a bit more of a look into my life, to provide further social proof  in relation to how I choose to live my life, and to further demonstrate how effectively I work with/for people from all walks of life....wherever I find myself...or wherever I happen to lose myself for that matter!

As always, if you have any questions, or if you would like to arrange a coaching session with me, please go to the contact me form located on the home page.

- Craig W Hedge

Workaway Feedback 2015 - 2016:

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  • We were so happy that Craig was able to stay with us. Notwithstanding the short period of stay Craig proved to be an invaluable help to us. He was able to prepare the garden beds for planting our garlic and also managed between rain showers to plant it for us. Craig was also extremely helpful with advice regarding social media and marketing of our website for our new cooking classes business. a21043_1cf360537ffc44889a924fa6915244afThe most important aspect of Craig's stay for us was that Craig is an easy going, mature and giving person who is happy to accommodate and be involved in whatever the family was doing at any given time. We enjoyed many interesting and diverse conversations and shared life experiences. It was a pleasure to have Craig be part of our family and we hope that he will find time to return in the future.

Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Giuliana and Chris White - Farmhouse Kitchen - Cygnet, Tasmania.

  • Craig joined us for our first workaway experience in hosting a week long work party. After the initial week was up due to Craig having nowhere else lined up he stayed with us for a further 7 weeks. Although he had a job somewhere else he worked hard on the farm during his days off, sometimes into the evening on several occasions. sdc16530We never had to tell Craig what to do as he was very self motivated and could easily see what needed doing. Craig was happy to fit in to our family life and coped very well with the constant stream of people around. Thank you Craig for helping us so much on the farm, the work you've done has been a massive help.
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
David and Kylie - Salakee Farm - Isles of Scilly, England
  • Craig stayed with us here for about 8 weeks as a Workawayer. He contributed enthusiastically to all aspects of the work involved including changeovers in the cottages, cleaning games room, sauna and swimming pool. sdc17432An energetic and efficient allrounder Craig has transformed the garden this Autumn and managed to keep it looking great despite the continual wind and constant battle with leaves! It has been great getting to know Craig over tea and meal breaks. His positive energy and can do attitude is inspiring. You will be welcome back any time Craig, the studio awaits!
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Louise Graham - Carnwethers - Isles of Scilly, England
  • Craig was most helpful, even though I was quite preoccupied with major building works while he was here and in which he could not help. sdc18454He kept my kitchen spotless during this stressful time, and we had pleasant long conversations after work. All in all, very friendly and laid back, and I would recommend him to anyone wanting help.
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Mike - Geeveston, Tasmania
  • Craig was my first Workawayer - so I was a newbie host, not knowing how to organise the relationship and tasks. Craig was down to earth, friendly but not interfering and he was able to turn his hand to plenty of tasks. A safe pair of hands in lots of ways. 2016-10-23_13-47-41He gave really good advice to my husband in terms of improving his social networking strategy when promoting his publishing business - it was valuable and easy to apply. It was a tricky time for me personally as I was facing some health issues and Craig was a good listener. I hope that he has continued to enjoy his Workaway experience.
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Linda - Tresaith Wales
  • Craig is a great fellow. He stayed with us for four days as a last minute arrangement and was easy to get on with and have in our home. sdc15729He was a great help with the work that was needed to be done and we would recommend him to any host. We wish him well with his travelling.
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Pete and Anna - Donegal Ireland
  • Craig has been my first workaway and he did not disappoint. Craig helped me with several jobs around the house and each one was completed to a high standard. He is well travelled, interesting and considerate. sdc15997We had many a chat over a cuppa "tea". Thanks Craig for all your help and you are always welcome at my home. If you are lucky enough to get a chance to host this guy, don't think about it just do it.
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Catherine - Moville Ireland
  • Craig was a great help around the house (painting, woodwork, lawns, vegetables etc) we tackled several projects together and independently. He works thoroughly and precisely and asks questions to make sure he's doing the right things. sdc15514The whole family found him to be good company, we had lots of chat, and we did lots of fishing together, he was interested in learning and sharing different experiences and perspectives. I found him to be a caring, honourable and trustworthy person.
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Anthony and Maria - Freshwater East - Wales
  • Craig stayed with us for two weeks. He is a pleasant, competent and diligent person, easy to get on with. He easily fitted into our 'family'. He was also a hard worker, and put 100% effort and enthusiasm into his work which involved painting garden walls and varnishing quite a big deck. sdc14593Craig is a bit of a tea obsessive so be prepared! He likes green tea and Earl Grey is his favourite. Craig was clean and tidy and has excellent manners. I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Martine - Shoreham By Sea England
  • Craig was a fantastic volunteer. I am so pleased he was able to come back after I was able to give him a 24 transit stay as he moved between hosts earlier in the summer. It was clear from our first meeting that Craig would be a huge asset to have here during a very complex transition period for our family as we move away from the house we built and lived in for the past twenty years. In no way did Craig disappoint when he returned for a longer stay. He is a focused and positive man, sensitive to the pressures we were under as well as being a mature and hugely capable individual who was a pleasure to talk to and share living space with. He is also a perfectly organised and dedicated worker with the confidence and breadth of experience to make his own decisions and take the initiative on tackling projects. He is tremendously fit and has an attitude that says if a task is there to be done . . . then done it will be!During his relatively brief stay Craig achieved breathtaking amounts. Lawn mowing, brush cutting, boat painting and helping me shift stacks of furniture to the local charity drop off point as we prepare to move. And all done with a cheerful 'Nothing too much trouble' attitude and ability to offer considered and helpful suggestions to the common good. sdc14903Craig is very much a people person who got on brilliantly with our other volunteers and family friends, greatly impressing them all with his easygoing manner and interested and open approach. This is a man who has thought deeply about life and ridden a few knocks but is still going resolutely forward and making a positive contribution to the lives of others with an admirable sense of his own integrity and values. Having worked for many years myself in challenging roles where decision making and taking responsibility were absolute requisites I'd have no hesitation in recommending Craig as a massive potential asset in any workplace or entrepreneurial project. His measured, calm and dedicated approach coupled with his intellect and finely honed people skills would bring instant payback in any working arena and his industry experience and background mean he is clearly capable of working at senior level. Craig, I do hope you feel as I do that you arrived as a volunteer and left as a friend. I absolutely mean it when I say you'd be welcome to join us again at any time and if I am able to introduce you to my working area and put some proper paid work your way I'll be delighted to do so.Thank you again for being here, working so hard and showing such interest and enthusiasm for the area, the people and the pocket or rural seaside heaven we've been so lucky to live in for the past many years. You really helped me get through a very challenging week and it was a pleasure to be able to show my appreciation by being able to set up a couple of opportunities for you to get out and about. Good luck mate, stay in touch!
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Ben - Noss Mayo England
  • Thank you Craig for your kind comments and all your hard work . Craig willingly tackled a variety of projects , from painting, to field maintenance, and bunny defences in the veg patch . sdc14859Think we achieved a fair amount during your short stay, just wish it could have been longer. Good luck with travels this summer. Look forward to seeing you enroute to scilly in September x
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Laura - Constantine Cornwall England
  • Craig was a delight to host; he was low maintenance, friendly, thoughtful and hardworking. He was very considerate and appropriately autonomous; happy to clean and tidy as he went and always leaving a situation better than he found it. 2016-10-23_14-17-11In his time with us, he completed a number of projects, including painting, pruning, digging, baking bread, helping with our new chicken run etc etc. Craig was particularly skilled at gardening and did a great job planting a number of trees and potatos. I'd be happy to host him again any time!:-)
Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Tania - Tring England
  • Thanks for coming to help and for your excellent feed back Craig. 2016-10-23_13-41-03I enjoyed having you stay and appreciate all the hard work you did - the paddocks and vege patch look so good now thanks to you.
    Pip and I will welcome you back anytime.

Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Diana - St Marys Tasmania

  • Craig arrived at an opportune moment after recent rains. Grass needing mowing, trees needed mulching, fish needed catching, tea needed brewing, stories needed sharing and connections made. sdc17649A seasoned traveller and helper is Craig. Worth hosting should you need honest, hard work. Tight lines Craig and go well in health and life. Regards, Sandi.![/green_tick_1_list]

Left by host for Workawayer (Excellent)
Sandi - St Marys Tasmania

Craig W. Hedge is a professional coach, and is author of the Instinctive Living self help transformational ebook and audiobook series.
He lives in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
"I help people identify their strengths, build confidence, & find new ways to live & love their lives."