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"I LOVE this program!!!"

I first purchased Mind Movies way back in 2009. Fast forward to 2021, and I am still actively using this considerably improved and upgraded visualisation movie program today. It's easy to use, and gives you the tools to create powerful video mind movies with your own personal affirmations, music, images, video, and subliminal soundtrack.

Play them on your phone, laptop or PC.

In short, these are visualisation movies you create with your own words, music, pictures and affirmations that you play to connect you to your goals and aspirations.

Bringing what you want to life in a movie format with your words, pictures, music and goals, is incredibly powerful. When this is combined and complimented with coaching, it provides further momentum and meaning in the coaching process and puts into action the very strategies and approaches we are working on to experience better lives.

Mind movies have strong synergies to my coaching approach and practice. I encourage my clients to strengthen the probabilities of success for them by using this visualisation technology.

The advantage of coaching prior to creating your own Mind Movie, is that you will become clearer about what your real goals and aspirations are in life. That is, working out what you really want first, then setting out to create it in your own personal Mind Movie.

We can call it law of attraction, a technological vision board, a manifestation movie - we can call it whatever makes sense to us. As a life transformation coach, I see these visualisation movies as strengthening the calibration and alignment of our beliefs, values, and our aspirations.

Mind Movies are a powerful way to bring your goals and aspirations to life in a meaningful and truly personalised way.

If you are serious about creating a better life, the Mind Movies program is a powerful part of your life creation process.

To find out more about MIND MOVIES and to get the program click here.


WBECS Is my number 1 choice website for personal and professional development for ALL people with coaching and leadership aspirations.

Whether you are a professional, a coach, or someone who is simply interested in becoming a better person, the WBECS programs, and particularly, the Pre-Summits, offer incredible value - the Pre-Summits usually offer FREE access to information and speakers!

To find out more about WBECS click here.

WBECS Coaching

Craig W. Hedge is a professional coach, and is author of the Instinctive Living self help transformational ebook and audiobook series.
He lives in Hobart Tasmania Australia.
The Cocreator Coach
"I help people identify their strengths, build confidence, & find new ways to live & love their lives."

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