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Coaching in and around the Hobart community as I do, it is often assumed that I always do this in person. Since my service delivery is flexible, it involves any number of options to find either a suitable public place, the clients home, or an arranged appointment in a rented office. The options I provide certainly enable people to have choice in relation to how they want to be coached. Another option, and one that is all too often overlooked locally here in Hobart, are my online (telephone) life coaching sessions.

Online life coaching with Craig Hedge

Working face to face with someone is something I really enjoy, and in Hobart, there are plenty of places to do this. Nothing matches, yet alone beats, this personal kind of approach ... or does it?

I remember during my training, that I was circumspect about the online life coaching method. I was comfortable with this kind of communication in other areas - but coaching? Would it be effective I thought? I had my doubts, particularly since I knew the benefits of working with people in person. I mean with no physical cues, eye contact, and everything that goes with it, how could that not be the best way to do it?

Fast forward a few years, and hundreds of hours of telephone and online life coaching sessions later, my attitude has changed considerably. The fact is that both ways (physical and online) present powerful opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Coaches require excellent, well developed listening skills. The better the skills ... the better the experience so to speak. When you take away physical presence, and peripheral noise and visual distractions, the level of focus and quality for better listening increases considerably.

When I conduct my life coaching online, my ability to listen, and to hear what is being said, and not said, is often enhanced ... considerably. My focus is on what is spoken. I do not have physical cues to rely on. There are no distractions - my focus is entirely on my client. In fact, my listening is so enhanced, that it helps me discern mood, body movements (hands rubbing together, writing, tapping, and fidgeting for example), silence, pauses, background distractions, and breathing.

Online life coaching also enables me to take notes during the session - something I do not usually do during a session when I coach face to face in and around Hobart.

Note taking during sessions is a powerful way to hone in on what is being said. It can be a great reference to reflect back on, both during and post session. Feedback as a result can be more exacting, as things are picked up and documented that sometimes are not acknowledged during a session.

Sometimes online life coaching provides more content for the client - sometimes much more. A lot can be said in a session, and the more notes taken can help to piece things together, and be a handy reference throughout the relationship.


Whatever approach you choose, keep an open mind to the ways your coach can work and play with you. By choosing an online life coaching option, you open up to another medium. A mixture of both ways can help you discern what combination or approach works best for you, it can also ensure you get to experience both methods.

To find out more, or to book online life coaching, or in person meet ups, simply go to the contact me tab at the top of the page, or contact me via my facebook page.


*Craig Hedge is an accredited and credentialed life coach based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He is also the author of the Instinctive Living self development book series available on Amazon.



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