Recently Craig and I spent some time over a week discussing ways that I could improve my on-line presence to get better results from the website for my editing business,, and also to sell my novel, The Sea Pool.

I was very pleased to be have access to a coach who offered to spend time and energy advising me from the basics.

I found Craig very patient, responsive, informative and skilled. He listened to what I needed, but in truth he did most of the talking as I am very much a beginner in online business marketing.

Having the whole week was excellent, as it takes time to absorb new things and to make the necessary connections.

Craig's step-by-step instructions were invaluable in helping me get my online presence up and running.

Unfortunately I was sick for some of the week, but Craig wrote detailed instructions for me to be going on with, which I really appreciate.

Craig has offered to continue checking in with me, and I'm very pleased to be able to continue this valuable working relationship.

Sharon Moore Testimonial Photo