Real Answers And Real Goals With Life Coaching?

Real Answers And Real Goals With Life Coaching?

"Understand that everything is on the way - not in the way."
- Dr John Demartini

When we are not clear about who we are, or what we truly value, we can lose our way, or at least, deviate from what we thought were solid goals or aspirations.
Coaching, like life, is a mix of both science and art. It requires fundamentals and clear guidelines - and it requires the ability to trust in a process that reveals itself... sometimes in moments.
Call it intuition or cocreation - call it what you will.

As a coach, I don't mind the explanations/definitions above, because for me, life is not black and white - or even black or white. Life is far more complex than any one model or explanation can ever conjure up - it's why I don't place a lot of importance on fundamental approaches to anything.
For me, awareness is what matters.

Yes 'awareness' is a general term in a world that often demands clear cut answers to limited questions within a specific time frame, and whilst there is a place for that of course, it limits the coaching experience, and the ability to push through to new levels of awareness and understanding towards authentic and lasting change.
Coaching, for me, is about process, cocreation and transformation first.
Transactional coaching approaches have their place in my book - it's called second.


Because we need to ensure we (that's you and me) don't jump the gun so to speak in seeking quick ego based results or answers to questions that have not been properly or thoroughly unearthed, explored, or developed.
Some of you may have noticed I loved quotations ("really Craig!!!").

One of my favourite quotes that explains this perfectly is;

"Infinite patience creates immediate results."- A Course in Miracles

The above quote nails the importance of process and transformation.
Seeking or demanding answers is not always... the answer.
Defining goals, particularly within limited frameworks, do not always work out well.
Because too many of us seek answers to life and challenges rather than understanding that it is the process of finding the right - or better - questions, that will give us a higher probability of moving closer to where we need to go.

Are you challenged, or even struggling with understanding what you want in your life, and why you even want it? Give me a call, and let's start where it counts - at the beginning.

Craig Hedge is a life coach based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.