THE TRUTH? Just How Concerned Am I About Social Media Fact Checking?

THE TRUTH? Just How Concerned am I About Fact Checking?
One of the advantages in creating content - writing articles and sharing information - is that I get to see the numbers on how many people - or not - get to view a post of mine.
I don't set out to build big audiences.
I write as much for myself as anybody else.
My position is that if just one person gets anything out of what I write then that's a good thing.
If it's a laugh, a cringe, some useful information - it's all good!
For me, the main purpose of what I write is to get people to think - more - about what is assumed to be truth or fact- or what might be holding them back from being the best expression of who they can be.
It's the coach in me.
One of my gifts to the world is my ability to help people to help themselves, to better understand themselves, and the world and the relationships they live with and within.
Writing helps me consolidate my thoughts and to share information that 'may' be of interest or value to others.
Increasingly, my content - outside of my website - is getting screened and checked by big tech social media.
Now some might say it's just someone sitting in a cubicle doing a job or it's algorithmically based.
Both are a major fail for freedom of speech and opinion.
Both attack freedom and democracy.
Clearly Facebook, for example, think that they know what is good for the public - what is truth in their opinion - and that they themselves determine who should read what, where and when.
Custodians of truth... or perpetuating narratives to control the masses into group think?
Terms like;
Oligarchy - all come to mind here.
This is dangerous and it is not healthy for a functioning free democratic society.
It's also manipulating narratives and telling people what they can think or say or write - and what they cannot.
Let's do some recent history here shall we?
The founder of Facebook was recently implicated in collaborating with the FBI - he readily admitted it on the Joe Rogan podcast.
That's a long story in itself.
When we have big tech - and there's a few of them - deliberately and strategically channeling content to the masses, we have an integrity problem and a deliberate narrative strategy.
We have mainstream media pushing carefully crafted narratives that cannot be  seriously questioned.
We have advertising that reinforces those messages.
We have politicians and business in it all up to their necks.
Imagine when you or I go to Google or anywhere on the internet, and we put in a search term.
Over the years advertising has dwarfed 'organic' or natural searches.
This means our searches are manipulated by who pays the most to get your eyes on their content.
That is just the beginning...
The rest of the content is ranked and rated on algorithms and meta data that favours 'relevance' to the searcher.
The searches are predetermined by selecting information parameters.
Now if any big tech have directives that certain information is not in our best interests, it does not get a gig on the first page searches.. or worse.
So your 'news' or your information is being channeled down narrow filters that tell you what they want you to know or to believe.
In simple speak?
We are in big trouble, as bit by bit our beliefs, our opinions, and our very understandings about the world, is being deliberately and strategically fed to us to serve a higher purpose that isn't in our best interests.
As mentioned many times before, I am concerned about integrity in our systems.
Integrity of data that creates policy.
Integrity of online searches that creates opinion.
Integrity of politicians who have none.
Freedom is another key concept for me and something I value.
The freedom to choose, to decide, to think, to be, to do, to question, to hold others in power accountable.
And importantly, the freedom to be accountble and responsible for your actions.
We are in trouble... we are in big trouble.
Our money is worth less - by inflationary design.
Our debt is expanding.
Our assets are declining in value because the money that buys them is declining in value.
The irony here?
It 'appears' that our assets are increasing in value based on 'nominal' values that keep going up because of inflating away the money supply.
More printed money = more money to buy that creates more demand.
Add FALSE scarcity and supply demand issues in global and local markets - like energy and food supplies - and you have a recipe to extract more value and money and resources from people.
Most people don't question this because they do not understand it is happening.
Conspiracy theory?
You decide.