What is your 'WHY'? Do you know? If you don't know, how do you find it?

Knowing what your why is, will help you get on purpose in your life. It will help you to become much more clearer about your life. It will give you direction - it will provide a pathway that you are committed to.

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Knowing your why makes everything else make sense for you. The tough times, the struggles, the challenges, are all put into perspective when you know your why.

Having a strong why will put you more in control of your life. You won't react to what is happening to you, you will respond to life in ways that support and reflect your values and your goals - and you will focus because you know the way.

What will that do? In simple terms, you will act in ways that demonstrates you have skin in the game so to speak. When you have clear goals and a strong why, you don't take life passively, and you certainly don't give up on your goals because of challenges or issues that arise - they merely strengthen your resolve.

Click Here To Listen To The Podcast On Your Why

Life coaching with a professional, experience, and qualified coach, can help you to work out what your why is, and help you build and strengthen the pathways towards your goals.

Craig W. Hedge is a professional life coach, and is author of the Instinctive Living self help transformational ebook and audiobook series.
He lives in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

"I help people identify their strengths, build confidence, & find new ways to live & love their lives."