Pet Sitting In Hobart

3 month + stays are generally free of charge (conditions do apply)

I offer a pet sitting and a house sitting service to selected professionals in Hobart, throughout Tasmania, and in fact, throughout the world, when I am available to do so.

Unlike the majority of people who pet sit, I have created my own purpose built website, blog, and facebook page - I take looking after peoples homes, and their pets, very seriously that is why I am a professional house and pet sitter.

My website (Craig's House Sitting) will give you all the information you need in relation to what I do, and how I do it.

In alignment with my coaching and my mobile lifestyle, my pet sits are currently a key part of my lifestyle in relation to how I am choosing to live my life at this time.

It is living with this relative level of freedom, flexibility and adaptability, that enables me to do what I do.

With over 20 years of experience looking after peoples pets and their properties, I am a proven pet sitter with a track record of demonstrated results.

I pet sit for short, medium and long term stays. You can check out my current availability right here.

My service is professional, reliable, and accountable.

Please note, my services are offered to professionals who expect a higher level of care, responsibility, accountability, and privacy. 

I love animals - especially dogs. In fact, each stay is an opportunity to gather some more friends... and I usually do!

If you know of someone who might benefit or be interested in my house sitting services in the Hobart area, or throughout Tasmania, please share my website with them.

Liking and sharing my pet sitting website and joining my facebook page, @craigslifestyle really helps me get my message out there.

Thank you!

Craig Hedge

*Craig W. Hedge is a professional life coach based in Hobart Tasmania Australia. He is the author, and narrator, of the Instinctive Living self development self help ebook and audiobook series available on Amazon and Audible.