‘Viking Signalling’ Makes Much More Sense Than Virtue Signalling

'Viking Signalling' Makes Much More Sense Than Virtue Signalling

I know a lot of agreeable people.
They often just go with the flow.
They accept what comes... often without question.
They follow the crowd.
They do what they are told.
They are nice, controllable, and often make good garden gnomes.
They are never deemed controversial because they play it safe.
They play the numbers game.
They can be depended on... to not be depended on.
They dare not do or say anything that might upset their profile, their real or imagined status, or their want for people to like, or to love them.
These agreeable people are often heralded and admired because they don't offend anybody.
Because they don't stand for anything.
Their need to be liked by others is stronger than their need to love and respect themselves.
So when labels like (for example) 'difficult' or 'rebel' or other derogatory terms used to control or alienate people are used to describe these people, it is often because they dared to see life in a different way, or they chose to live life their own way... independent of the good - and not so good - opinion of others.
If you are finding that you are not so agreeable these days it may well be an indicator that you are waking up.
You really are difficult or insane perhaps!
Either way, better to be a difficult you than an agreeable someone else.
Better still, don't concern yourself too much with what others think either way.
They are most likely wrong... and you might be too!
To quote Dr Chris Martenson;
"I might be wrong, but I am not confused."
To Valhalla!... (and leave some icecream for me!).
PS I wonder what Ragnar Lothbroks pronouns are?????