My Guarantee

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A professional life coach with integrity and respect for their client base, themselves, and the wider coaching industry, will NEVER offer guaranteed results.

Results cannot be guaranteed. Results are dependent on you the client to embrace the opportunity that coaching provides.

This is why I provide my clients with even more incentive to commit to coaching with me.

If at the end of our coaching together you find that coaching has not added value to your life, or that you were unable to get the value you were aiming for, then you can choose to not pay for our coaching together.

I do not sign or demand coaching contracts with people. Many coaches do demand contracts - I don't.

Why? Because if we have to sign a contract to ensure we both do the right thing, then we are doubting the very process that we want to create.

I want to create the best possible space to help you succeed. Make sense?

This gives you the peace of mind and the opportunity to coach with me RISK FREE!

This is all further strengthened by my value for value coaching approach.

That is, it is you who determines the coaching price based on your results, and how you value the results.

I do not accept all clients, nor do I give out gift vouchers for third parties who someone else thinks that coaching might be good for them.

I choose to work and play with people who I think are committed to improving their lives.

Importantly here, I am investing in you as much as you are investing in me. 

Audio - Guarantee Further Discussed
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