Transformational Conversations And Changing Lives

Transformational Conversations And Changing Lives

"Cocreation is a set of skills and a complimentary mind-set that enable you to have extraordinary transformational conversations with others."
- Judith E Glaser

The key to the above quote is 2 words: 'Transformational conversations'
Coaching, particularly with me, is about having transformational conversations.
I would much rather be known for my ability as being a transformational conversationalist than 'a coach' because I think that is a far, far more accurate definition of what it is I do. It is how I help others to move forward in their lives, by making new and stronger connections to what inspires and strengthens them.

"So you're a coach huh - so what do you do exactly?"

The fact people need to ask about what a coach does, speaks volumes about the title - and how vague it really is.
Transformation is one of the keywords in what I do - as well as cocreation of course.
These words define my practice, my values and my focus.
Those words say much more than the word 'coach' ever will.
People I work with experience transformation - my coaching service is not a service that gives out 'information' and quick 'how to' guides to set goals in 5 minutes.
My clients experience transformation in a cocreative, trusting, confidential, and supportive relationship with me.
The value of that - on so many levels - is life changing.
And changing lives is what I am about.
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