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Hi everyone!

I have a lot of blog posts and content on the Cocreator Coach website. I have created this tab to help you to find my most recent blog articles related to my personal health approach to life. The key here is that I like to find healthy, natural, inexpensive (usually FREE) ways to enhance and strengthen my health.

I play the long game with health. I see any initiatives as "1 percenters" - for me, it is the accumulative and consistent application of multiple techniques that strengthen my health. There are lots of ways we can all strengthen our health. I stay open to what those things might be.

Each post is just another drop down menu from the top home page tab, so each post will drop down to another one and so one.

I hope you take the time to read the content on this website, as it will give you more appreciation about how I coach, and how I see life.

If you enjoy my blogs, and you think someone you might know might benefit from reading them, please like or share the article with them, or at least point them in the right direction to researching the given topics themselves.

Thank you for visiting my website and this page.

Craig Hedge is a professional life coach based in Hobart Tasmania Australia

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