I think it is important to provide evidence (see links below) of training and associated training when offering a professional coaching service.

Attached below is my coaching accreditation as a Certified Professional Coach (International Coaching Academy) and credential documents as an Associate Certified Coach (International Coach Federation ), as well as a copy of my Associate Diploma of Social Science - a course with strong synergies to coaching practices and working with, and for people. Together they form a body of work and structured study undertaken by me over the last 20 years. These qualifications provide and demonstrate a strong coaching base.

My coaching studies with the International Coaching Academy (this coaching school is an Accredited Coach Training Program provider with the International Coach Federation) were in the Advanced Coaching Program - In the schools own words;"coach training at an elite level."

Of course my experience, my skills, and my abilities, go well beyond these courses. I estimate that over the last 30 years inparticular, I have invested in thousands of hours (and thousands of dollars) of passionate self study, associated courses, learning, and continued self development, professional development, and personal growth throughout my life - this is always ongoing.

I value both (that is, structured institutionalised study and personal study) approaches. Importantly, I do not define myself, or what I do, by what I have achieved in structured institutionalised study - it is only a part of who I am, what I do, and what I have studied throughout the entirety of my life.

As an example, my personal study and research interest areas include; spirituality and consciousness, self development, coaching, health and well-being, fitness, the sharing economy, technical analysis and trading, environmental issues, macro economic issues, fishing and the fishing industry, internet marketing and more.

My ongoing self study, and my passion to learn and grow, is something I place incredible importance and value upon in my life - both for my benefit, and for the people I work with.

Learning is a process - continued personal study and research is a way of life for me.

I am as curious and as passionate as I ever have been to keep learning, growing, and applying what I learn into my life and my clients lives.