Fitness Coaching

Fitness Coaching: 

I am passionate about helping people live the best lives that they choose to live. Fitness is one of those areas that I specialise in, based as much on my own commitment to my personal fitness goals for well over 30 years.

I am also a certified, accredited and credentialed coach (originally credentialed by the International Coach Federation in 2013).

It is this combination of skills and experience that puts me in a strong position to help you to identify, define and move towards your own personal training goals.

Get clear on what you want, then move towards it with good habits and aligned actions. Anything less puts you with the 90+% of people who fail to reach their potential.

Together we work to identify your old, or current, self defeating behaviours. Once identified, you can move towards creating new ones that will help you end what can be a very hard cycle for most people to break or to go beyond.

Fitness coaching can be a great addition to, and a compliment, Personal Training.

The very best athletes in the world have coaches. They understand that even 1% improvement can mean the difference between success...and relative failure.

In fact coaching can really help you get the knowing and the confidence, both in a physical sense and in an inner sense, as you bed down those beliefs, values and behaviours that are going to enable you to have a much better chance of maintaining your fitness goals and aspirations throughout your life.

Your personal trainer/s/coaches help you train your body. As your coach, I assist you in relation to your goals and your aspirations. Together we work on your life. Everything is connected.

Our sessions are friendly, supportive, and confidential.  You just might end up learning a lot more about yourself and what inspires you in your life as we work together to help you get better results in your life.

*Craig Hedge is an professional life coach based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, and is author of the Instinctive Living self development book series available on Amazon.

The Cocreator Coach - Fitness Coaching

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