My Take On What’s Happening Around The World

My Take On What's Happening Around The World
Centralised Control.
Dollar/currency devaluation leading towards centrally controlled 'programmable' monetary systems.
Wealth transfer - The Great Reset.
Systematic removal of freedoms.
Inflation. (and deflation)
Divide and conquer the populations.
Biological warfare.
Human transition - gender fluidity towards transhuman experience.
Energy crisis.
Global trade reduction.
Economic collapse.
There's the short version folks... and I didn't even mention the fact that the biggest happening around the world these last several years was the incredibly well timed 'health situation' (that seemed to not want to talk about 'health' - like at all) that set populations up for trial runs of central control and digitised passports.
On the surface, the above sounds like some kind of wild wacky conspiracy theory conjured up by a crazy person.
(I have never stated that I wasn't crazy - just saying).
Fact is, the evidence to support the above is...well... it's EVERYWHERE.
(just mostly not where you get your 'news programming' from)
Here's the thing though...
You have to give yourself (yes you have to do it) permission to be able to step outside of the reality of what you believe to be true, and how much you are 'attached' (there's a clue!) to your need to believe it and why it benefits you to keep believing it.
Sometimes it's hard though to see something that you are totally wrapped up and entwined in, particularly if that just happens to be your total world view and belief system!
(another very good reason to enlist the services of a competent coach - even a crazy competent coach for that matter).
Now of course a conspiracy theorist (never liked that term, I prefer 'conspiracy analyst') would probably say that, and someone who thought they knew what life was about - already - would certainly confirm that... because for them, anything outside of a 3D 5 sensory programmed reality couldn't possibly be true could it?
But is this really about who is right or wrong?
It's not about that. This is about what works.
For me it's simply about staying open to evidence and results and understanding that there will always be those with power who want to keep that power - and will do almost anything to keep and maintain that power.
The rest is just details.
So what does all this mean or amount to - what can you do with this 'information'?
You can get curious and 'test' it. It's not hard - the truth is out there.
(okay so I used to watch The X Files).
You can also look around you and start to fortify your life and plan for a future without the hoohah, the conspiracy theorists, or the crazy people, and just step up another level or two without any real disruption to your life.
If I was giving advice that last sentence would be it.
Keep things simple.
Human beings have a way of magnifying stuff (reminds me of my fishing trips) and adding far too much emotion to things that don't need that emotion.
Yes we have any number of issues happening all around the world.
They are serious. They are real.
Personally I prefer to plan for higher probability situations and help others - if they choose - to do the same.
There's nothing 'woo-woo' about that.
There is no need to believe in weird stuff, or join a cult, or panic and curl up in a ball and pull out your roasry beads either.
This is a time to act.
To step up.
To look at your life.
To acknowledge what is working.
To assess what might be improved.
This is a time to ensure you have systems in place that will stand up - if need be - if or when you may need to move towards them.
Leave the drama and the high emotions to others, and simply go about your life - as usual - with more purpose, planning and awareness.
That's it.
No fuss.
No drama.
No need to run away and join the circus.
No need to believe anything outside of what you already believe.
But do take the time to heed what is happening around you, and be clear enough to heed your own judgement and opinion about what that might be.
To do that - or more to the point, to do that better - requires that your own world needs to take precedence over any programmed or reactive response to any power/s - outside of yourself and your own reality - so you are better equipped to respond to what is 'really' happening.
And one last thing...
Never understimate the power of transformational conversations with trained professionals... even if they might be a little unhinged and crazy.