CORE NEEDS FOR SURVIVAL: Air. Water. Food. Shelter. Sleep.

CORE NEEDS FOR SURVIVAL: Air. Water. Food. Shelter. Sleep.
I am fortunate in understanding what I need to survive as a base layer foundational spring board for life.
I also know how to get those needs in any situation.
In coaching, I am often asked where we start.
"We start at the beginning."
If you have strong foundations you can always bounce back... from anything.
It is so important to understand what is important in life 'for you'.
The more I move through my life, despite multiple opportunities and choices, I see real value in getting clarity on values.
The world is changing rapidly.
Many good intitiatives and changes, and many not so good...
We all have our views and perceptions about this, and to be clear, life is often what we think it is or believe it to be, so one size doesn't always fit all - and it shouldn't.
Understanding what we value helps us to get clearer about who we are, where we stand, and why we stand there.
Life is getting more complex.
In my opinion, it's becoming more distorted as narratives are woven and reinforced by the structures and the people around us.
In simple terms?
It's easy to sell just about any idea, policy, directive or narrative knowing that the masses will either buy it, come around to it, or be dragged into it without too much question or struggle - from the 90+% at least.
We know this. We have recent and ongoing evidence to support it.
Thankfully I am in the 10% and probably in the 10% of that.
And that is probably being conservative.
Regardless, life always gets broken down to 2 things for me:
Needs and wants... and knowing the difference.
I always know that wherever I am I will find a way.
This just doesn't happen.
It's not random luck.
It's an understanding of knowing where to start first based on experience.
I need water.
I know I can go without water for over 24 hours because I have done it. I also know that 3 days seems to be the cut off point.
So water is always a priority.
Apart from air, its obviously the number 1 priority.
I need food. I know I can go without food for 3 days because I have done it. I also know that with discipline and preparation I could go much longer than that if I needed to. I know where to find food, and I know how to get it.
I need shelter. I know I can sleep in many places and situations because I have done it.
In tents, on beaches, in caravans, in yurts, on beds, buses, trains, ferries, on floors, in sheds etc.
I am easily pleased whether its a 2 person $50 tent or a multi million dollar house.
Both are good.
Both are defined as shelter.
Both tick that box.
As touched on above, I know how important sleep and rest is, so the above situations offer ample time for that.
When you think about your life it helps you get closer to understanding your needs and wants and knowing the difference.
You may never ever be in a position to have to choose between the two.
That all said, it's good practice to know the difference and to understand what life looks like for you if or when you need to apply it.