Thinking Ahead By Taking Control Of Your Life And Learning

Thinking Ahead By Taking Control Of Your Life And Learning

“What the smartest people do on the weekends is what everyone else will do during the week in ten years.”
- Chris Dixon

I am a big believer in self directed education.

For me, the value and agility to self educate and learn on your own terms, in your own time, by far outweighs structured education by a factor of multiples.

I always felt structured education was 75% wasted time and energy, with the remaining 25% learning 90% that wasn't that helpful.

This is not to discredit the value and necessity of structured education at all.
It's just my experience and how my personality is geared to what motivates and inspires me to learn.

As a coach, it's hardly surprising that I would see learning and life in this way, as I know the value of aligning to what gives me that spark and drive in life.

Anything else?

Somebody elses dream or task you need to perform to get to where it is you are going... or staying depending on your motivation.

Being able to direct and supervise our own lives is hands on learning with a clear purpose in alignment to personal values, beliefs and inspirations.

I prefer to be engaged and interested... there are only so many windows you can look out from in structured class settings.
(believe me when I say I have dreamily and wantingly looked out of a lot of windows over the years!).

Normal day to day life has a tendency to box us, to limit us, to contain us, to hold us in tight and definitive patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Mainstream education certainly aids that journey and direction... for most people.

We all need training wheels... we just don't need them all the time.

There's a time to take them off and go riding!

What we do outside of what we have to do, or choose to do in life, will provide the foundations for what we will be doing in the future.

And if we are not growing, learning, and doing new things and thinking in new ways?

We stay the same.

If staying the same is good then there is no issue perhaps.

If staying the same and complaining about it is an issue?

We need to do something about it.


And that is where life coaching in relationship with a competent, qualified, experienced, professional coach is worth the time, the money, and the curiosity to do it.

And in 10 years?

Who knows, you just might get to know a lot more about who you are, and what you really want in life, by taking the time to get to know yourself.

What is that worth?

Probably a better life...