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“Craig is an awesome coach. I’ve been working with Craig for one year, more than forty sessions, and this is an experience I will always remember.

Throughout the year, every session was fresh, thought provoking and enlightening. This process proved to be extremely useful for me and made me grow a lot, as a person, a professional and as a coach.

I started my journey with Craig focusing on my professional life, to get better results and to take the most of an unexpected career change. His support helped me to move outside of my comfort zone, to think out of the box, and to get the results that I had been aspiring towards for a long time.

Craig’s ability to create a trustful and safe place, where you feel completely free to explore what you really want and your true and best self is unique. His ability to listen to what is said, and what is not said, as well as making you feel at ease and never judged makes the real difference.

The way he reflected back to me what I did say was enlightening and really helped me to see real opportunities and solutions in my life, most of which I hadn’t thought of before. The process helped things to become crystal clear for me as I started getting used to a world of possibilities. It was amazing.

The unexpected career change was turned into an extremely interesting and fulfilling opportunity. In the meantime, Craig supported me during my process to become a coach, proving to be a great partner to grow also in this important area of my life.

Being coached by Craig made me increase my understanding of myself. I found the whole process extremely empowering, fully aligned with me, my values, and my goals. Craig genuinely cares about his clients and has a deep understanding of life.

He has a great sense of humour, he is positive, full of energy and has a fantastic sense of timing. He knows exactly when to wait and when to push for you to take action, and he does that in a supportive manner. He acknowledges your actions and steps in alignment with where you want to be and encourages you to move forward.

This experience supported me in reaching much higher levels of performance in my workplace and as a coach. I really value the time I’ve worked with Craig, for the whole experience, for the person he is, and for the positive results in my life that I was able to achieve with him.

Thanks Craig!”

Cristina Morpurgo


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