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“I started my weekly coaching sessions with Craig at the beginning of May 2013.
For me, a great coach is open minded (rather than just goal oriented), intuitive and supports you on a journey of personal, professional and spiritual growth and development.
During the time that we worked together, I underwent a number of really significant life changes.
I split up with a long term partner, was renovating and then selling a house, applied for my ‘dream job’, and moved cities – all within the space of four months!
Craig listened deeply throughout every session offering insightful questions that gave me a lot of ‘ah ha’ moments.
They weren’t always ‘good’ ah ha moments, for instance, one was when I realised that in one of my key relationships I wasn’t really making any effort, and didn’t know if I really wanted to.
But nonetheless Craig created a very safe space that helped me to feel comfortable to connect with my true feelings and let down my perfectionist guard.
This enabled us to work on a very deep level in multiple domains of life, from which came quite rapid changes both internally, and in the world around me.
All the while I felt supported and genuinely listened to.
This was particularly so during moments of self doubt, when Craig referred back to previous conversations that we’d had and reminded me of my gifts, skills and experiences that could help me work through the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours, and various challenges and life changes I was facing.
While in the past I would not have been able to deal with so much change at the one time, our coaching sessions not only helped me stay on track and keep sight of the bigger picture, they also helped me to reconnect with parts of myself that I hadn’t expressed for years, and helped me overcome limiting thoughts and behavioural patterns.
I was able to enhance the key relationship that I realised was important in my life, and keep things very civil with my ex as we separated our lives.
Standing up for my own needs in this process really empowered me.
I was able to maintain much healthier boundaries with my relatives, and basically got my bounce back.
What more could you want really?
I wish I’d started coaching years ago, and even though sometimes I try to make excuses and tell myself I don’t have anything I want to work on this week, or i’m too busy etc, I always feel like an empowered creator of my life after our sessions.
As I jokingly mentioned to Craig during one of our sessions, “I feel like I know myself again and I’m pretty awesome!”
Jess Boyden
Jess Boyden

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