How To Create Powerful Affirmations For Transformational Change

We are often reminded by our well meaning friends and families about the power of positive thinking in our lives. Unfortunately these words, and the sentiment attached to them, have little comprehension of how to actually make these things work for us. Understanding the concept, and being able to apply real and effective strategies to move closer towards achieving real and aligned results in your life, is a completely different thing altogether. To create powerful affirmations you need to understand the key components in aligning your vision to the desired conditions or outcome you are hoping for.

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A common theme that you may have picked up with my blogs and my programs is my focus on the importance of alignment in your life in all you do. That is, ensuring you are clear on what you really want - and being clear on the best actions, feelings and thinkings in being able to move closer towards that. Put simply you can't say one thing and do another and expect a congruent or desired result. Why? Because you are sending out and projecting mixed messages both to and from yourself - and importantly the world/universe out there. The right affirmations move you closer towards alignment.

For example, you might say one thing, think something else and feel completely differently again. That is hardly a recipe for congruence or alignment - in simple terms it is a recipe for confusion. If you are not sending out a clear message how do you expect to receive one? Before you decide to create any personal affirmations you need to make sure you are as equipped and aware as you can be (and this is always a work/play in progress towards refinement) to give yourself the best chance of success.

Here is my guide/checklist (in no particular order) to help you move closer towards creating more powerful personal affirmations and living a life more in harmony and alignment:[green_tick_1_list width="100%"]

  • Get clear on your what and the why of the things and conditions you are affirming and hoping to experience - you are an affirmator!
  • Are these things in alignment with your beliefs and values and opinions about what is possible for you?
  • Are these things being generated from (in simple terms) fear/insecurity, or love and abundance?
  • Start feeling what you would like to experience and affirm.
  • Start thinking about what you are affirming and what you want to experience.
  • Start using the language that supports your vision or goals...this is affirmation in action.
  • Start acting and operating in your world like what you want is already moving towards you.
  • Use gratitude in your life whenever and wherever you can - for ALL things and experiences.
  • Trust more in the process of your life and where and what you are moving towards.
  • Ask for guidance in your life - wherever you find that in whatever form or structure that makes sense for you.
  • Visualise the conditions and the things you want to experience and affirm.
  • Focus on what you do want to experience...NOT the ones you do not want to experience.
  • Another option that many people use is the use of visualisation audios and abundance programs to program their minds. If this interests you, you can click the following link to find out more about such programs - Mind Movies are a powerful way of helping you to create your own visualization sequences. You can take a closer look at the program, or you can create your movies with free software available on the internet. Affirmations are magnified with this approach.
  • Importantly, if you are struggling with this, enlisting the services and the support of a competent and qualified life coach is a great way to help you further understand and integrate the above. A good coach can help you build your affirmations by helping you find what is important to you.

The list above are the basic foundations to living a life more in alignment. Are you starting to see how limiting beliefs, false beliefs, and sending out mixed messages does not help you achieve or attain those things in life you aspire towards?

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This is where life transformation coaching with me can really help you. There is an old adage that states that you don't know what you don't know. It is so easy to get stuck in old ways of thinking and doing. With that approach and mindset, is it any wonder that trying to think through these things and improve your life with that limiting and incongruous way of seeing your world is often plain difficult and indeed futile?

I have lost count of the people I have spoken to or overheard over the years saying things like positive thinking doesn't work, or affirmations are a waste of time. They are correct. For them this is their experience. It is an experience based on a limited perspective and a way of seeing the world that does not, cannot, and will not see beyond that.

Personal growth and awareness is a process. It is often about learning - and importantly unlearning. Enlisting the help of a competent, qualified, and proven life coach, can help you become much clearer about what it is you want, why you want it, and importantly, how you can move closer towards getting it. Affirmations, used correctly, are a powerful way to move towards the life you want to experience.

If life coaching with me sounds like something that may work for you, please go to the contact me page to arrange a session. Please note, I am currently based in Hobart Tasmania. If you live outside of that region, I offer coaching via Skype sessions. To find out more about what I do, I strongly recommend you make the time to read my blog to get a feel for not only what I do, but, importantly who I am, and how I can help you move forward.

Life coaching can be the ultimate affirmation - it sends a very strong message inwards, and outwards, about your intention to grow and improve.

*Craig W.Hedge is a Professional coach based in Hobart (nipaluna), Tasmania Australia. He is author of the Instinctive Living transformational self development book series available on Amazon.

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