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Investing In Your Life - Coaching Questions To Consider

No matter how compelling coaching might be, or sound to many people, the fact is that they will probably never ever make the commitment to invest in themselves, or to be curious enough to find out about how life coaching can help them live much better, healthier, and fuller lives.


Often it simply gets down to the fact that coaching is considered to not be that important in the grand scheme of what is supposedly important in peoples lives.

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To put it another way, life coaching is not seen as an investment or something that is real or of tangible value.

Some see it as an extravagance or luxury, or simply a service not tangible enough or measurable enough for them to want to actively pursue it.

Others see it quite passively as potentially valuable, but they themselves are comfortable enough to not see any real value or benefit in it for themselves.

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Many of us are comfortable being uncomfortable - we think our lives are set in concrete... or, we don't want to make the effort to change.

Like anything in life, what we focus on, and where we often spend our money, can say a lot about us, and where our real priorities are.

Our actions, and where we place our conscious attention, clearly demonstrates exactly where we are at in our lives....and very importantly where we are not at.

What do I mean exactly?

Your actions demonstrate perfectly where your operating values and beliefs are. Perhaps more to the point, it is those actions that demonstrate where your level of consciousness is expressed in the physical world.

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In other words what you consider to be important is what you do.

Many people have aspirations, dreams, hopes and desires to live lives that are very different to the lives they are now living. This does not negate so much those good and great things that are happening in their lives already of course, but it does reflect that there is room for new opportunities, further improvement, and change and growth perhaps.

For many there is a real disconnect between the life they live right now, and the life they either hoped for, or are still hoping or longing for.

Lets get back to coaching and the importance of investing in you. I am going to ask you to suspend your disbelief (if in fact you need to) and to reframe your least for a moment or two.

I have listed a few questions and scenarios below. I will leave you to determine what they may or may not mean to you:

  • How much would a person on their death bed pay to return to full health? EVERYTHING perhaps?
  • Do you regularly take holidays? Perhaps you are escaping from your life pressures and demands? Will you return home to the same situations and same conditions? Holidays can be the BEST time to make changes in your life as you are away from that place and those demands.
  • Do you regret not doing some of the things you once hoped to do? Note: It is NEVER too late to make real changes in your life.
  • Would you give someone money if you knew that whatever you gave them, you would be able to double that amount by doing it? Or to put it another way, if you knew that coaching would cost you 'x' amount - but you would double that money you spent on your coaching, would you do it?
  • What would you give, or do, to have just one chance with that one special person again?
  • What would you do to become the kind of person that you would like to meet?
  • If you could change just one thing in your life what would it be?
  • How much money have you spent on stuff and belongings in the last few years and how much of that stuff is either gathering dust somewhere or been a complete waste of money?
  • Thinking of the question immediately above, can you think about why you might have purchased some of that stuff that perhaps you did not need?
  • Was purchasing some of that stuff and those things necessary, and did it move you closer towards living the life you truly want to live?
  • Is buying that stuff a coping mechanism to deal with the life you are living (read as the life you are existing in) right now?
  • Is buying stuff merely a reward or a way to release the pressure valve for living in the life you have created for yourself?
  • How much is changing your life or improving your life really worth to you?
  • And...are you really that committed to wanting to improve and change your life for the better anyway?

I am deliberately being a little evocative here and perhaps even a little bit controversial. You see I hope you take the time to realise that you get just one shot at this life you are in right now - one shot only!

Did any of those questions and statements above resonate with you?

Coaching is an investment in you. Anything you can do in your life that provides you with more perspective and awareness will give you more tools and possibilities to really live your life.

What is that worth to you? Coaching with me really is risk free - at least in a financial sense. I guarantee my coaching. What does that mean exactly you might ask? Very importantly, I don't guarantee results as no ethical and self respecting coach would do that. What I do guarantee is the cost of your first session.

If you don't think your money has been well spent on coaching with me i'll give it back to you. No fuss. No qualms and no attitude attached at all. Its my way of coaching and living my life. If you don't feel its adding value and perspective to your life I don't want your money.

Further to that, unlike some coaches and professionals out there, my intention is to do myself out of a job!

I dislike sales pitches as much (probably more..) than most people. In the true spirit of coaching I expect you to take control of your own life and to move towards facilitating your own needs as my client or coachee. We work together for you - together we cocreate.

Coaching offers so many opportunities for growth.

  • Never underestimate what you don't know.
  • And don't ever underestimate your potential and capacity to improve your life with guidance and support - and importantly, with the intent to improve.

Life Transformation Coaching with a professional experienced coach, like myself, is a great way to create more possibilities and opportunities in your life.

It can help you more clearly define, understand and calibrate your values and move closer towards living the life that is really important to you.

Coaching can add value to your life. Need some proof? Check out what some of my clients have had to say about their experiences coaching with me: Coaching Testimonials

What is a happier, more vibrant, and connected life worth to you?

You can contact me right here for more information about how coaching with me can help you to create more opportunities and possibilities in your life.

Craig W. Hedge is a professional coach, and is author and narrator of the Instinctive Living self help transformational ebook and audiobook series.
He lives in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
"I help people identify their strengths, build confidence, & find new ways to live & love their lives."

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